Podium vs. prologue

You may be wondering about the difference between Podium and Prologue Series.

The Podium is our top of the line wheels whereas the Prologue is a budget friendly series. The easy way to remember this is you start with a Prologue and finish on the Podium!

When you want the best
Podium Series

Lighter rims, offset rim beds, quicker engaging hubs, and higher quality spokes highlight what makes a wheelset go from great to spectacular!

Podium Series Highlights

Top of the line hubs

Whether you are riding road and gravel with the Quest or 85 hubs, or mountain bike on the Tripel hubs, the Podium series features quicker engagement, higher quality Abec 5 bearings, and lighter weights.

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Textured Brake track

The Podium Carbon rim brake wheels feature the new textured brake track which provides the best ever stopping power and modulation in a carbon rim brake rim.

Carbon Podium Rim Brake

Offset Rim Bed

The Podium level wheels feature lighter weights and offset rim beds to even out the spoke tension and make a more balanced and better responding wheelset.

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Pillar Wing Spokes

These spokes feature a Wing shaped profile which increased the stiffness of the wheel while providing excellent aerodyanmics and light weight. A reinforced elbow increases elbow strength by over 30% and prevents broken spokes.

Budget Friendly with high performance
Prologue Series

The Prologue Series have been developed with cost saving measure to create a more affordable wheelset that still has great performance.

Automated layup

The carbon rims feature an automated layup with consistent nipple bed thickness. This allows for faster layup in a mass production environment. The thicker nipple beds add about 20 grams per rim of weight.

Skyuka Hubs

The Skyuka Hubs for both road and MTB use feature 36 teeth and 4 pawls that all engage at the same time. This creates a very solid enagagin hub with just slightly slower engagement speed compared to the Podium Series.

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Pillar XTRA and TB spokes

On the Prologue Carbon, the Pillar XTRA1423 is a flat bladed spoke. The stamping of the blade is more automated compared to the Wing spokes.

The Prologue Alloy wheels feature Pillar TB2018 round double butted spokes.


Compare the differences between the Podium and Prologue Series in this chart