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Return Procedure for Wheels

Below is the standard operating procedure for shipping back any wheels to Boyd Cycling for either crash replacement, service, or for warranty purposes. Follow these directions and your wheels will be protected, and we’ll be able to service your claim much quicker.

Before before sending in wheels:

  1. Remove all accessories and components from the wheels! This includes tires, tubes, cassette, brake rotors, skewers, wheel magnets, etc. Please do not send any tubular wheel with the tire still glued on, the tire will be removed and thrown away. It’s ok to leave rim strips on a clincher wheel.
    We are not responsible for returning any accessories or components if sent in with the wheel.
  2. Clean the wheels before sending them to us, it’s just courteous. We would never send you a wheel covered in dirt and chain grease.

Boxing the wheels.
Always make sure that you use axle protectors in the end caps. If you don’t, the hubs will penetrate through the box and your hub will be susceptible to damage. Almost every bike shop has some wheel axle protectors.

No Packing Peanuts! They get stuck in the wheels, they make removing the wheel from the box impossible, they are bad for the environment, and they make us cry.

Use a wheel box. It should be easy to find a wheel box and many bike shops will have one lying around. Custom cutting and taping a box may seem like a good option but it doesn’t protect the wheels while in transit. A wheel box will be designed to protect the wheel so you don’t have to use other methods (like
packing peanuts).

Write your name on the wheel box. A lot of times people will ship from a UPS shipping facility, which will NOT have your name on the label. This is why having an RA number and your name clearly on the wheel box is so important.

Shipping the wheels.

You can ship the wheels to us at:
Boyd Cycling
1105 Old Buncombe Rd.
Greenville, SC 29617

If you are shipping from a different country, make sure you mark on any customs papers that the wheels are for repair and there is no commercial value. Any customs charges incurred by Boyd cycling will be billed to the shipper.

Other things that help.
Make sure we have a current address on hand. Including a note inside the box with your information (name, address, phone number, and email address) ensure that if we have any questions we can easily contact you. It’s our goal to get the wheels back to you as quickly and efficiently as possible, but having help with this is greatly appreciated.

Also, did we mention no packing peanuts?

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