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Rim Brake, Disc Brake, MTB. Whether you are looking for the high end Podium line of hubs, or the more budget friendly Skyuka line, the info for the hub as well as the parts are below

Quest Hubs
The Quest Disc Brake Hubs come on all podium road and gravel wheels.
Quest Hubs Info Quest Hub Parts
85 Rim Brake Hubs
The 85 Hubs come on the Podium Series rim brake wheels.
85 Hubs Info 85 Hub Parts
Tripel Hubs
The Tripel MTB hubs are available in standard, boost, and superboost spacing and come on the Podium MTB wheels
Tripel hubs info tripel hub parts
Skyuka Hubs
The Skyuka Hubs come on the Prologue Series.
Rim Brake, Disc Brake, and MTB Options
Skyuka Hub Info Skyuka Hub Parts


Freehub bodies are ONLY for the hub model they are intended for. The Quest and 85 hubs use the same freehub body. The Tripel can ONLY use the Tripel freehub body. ALL Skyuka hubs can ONLY use freehub bodies intended for Skyuka.

99% of the time this means you are missing a spacer. If you can not find it then contact us and we can get you a spacer (it goes between your hub shell and freehub body). DO NOT ride your wheel without this spacer as you will not be able to coast.

Click on Info Tab of any of the hubs above. Bearing sizes are listed in the info.

The process is the same for all our hubs, but the technique varies slightly. Fortunately with all our hubs there are no tools required to change end caps or freehub bodies. Click on the info on any hub above for info on this.

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