handbuilt to order

Most wheels ship in 1-2 weeks

Podium Carbon Enduro MTB Wheels
When you need the most durable and strongest wheels for your mountain bike, trust the reinforced designs from Boyd Cycling

All Enduro Wheels

built with the tripel mtb hubs

Super quick 3.5 degree engagement, combined with very low drag and ultra high torque handling can withstand every pounding from any ride.

Enduro designed rim

Go ahead and send it. The Ridgeline rims feature a carbon layup that is designed for the more aggressive riding. The 29er and 27.5 feature different widths as different tire sizes are likely to be used.

Shallow offset rim bed

The offset rim bed helps even out spoke tension, which prevents your wheels from going out of true. A shallow rim profile gives more compliance and prevents an over jarring ride.