Ridgeline 29er Carbon Front Wheel
Ridgeline 29er Carbon Front Wheel
Ridgeline 29er Carbon Front Wheel
Ridgeline 29er Carbon Front Wheel
Ridgeline 29er Carbon Front Wheel
Ridgeline 29er Carbon Front Wheel
Ridgeline 29er Carbon Front Wheel
Ridgeline 29er Carbon Front Wheel
Ridgeline 29er Carbon Front Wheel

Ridgeline 29er Carbon Front Wheel


Regular price$825.00

Decal Color
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Handbuilt in Greenville, SC
  • 825g front / 1000g rear (29er)
  • 790g front / 965g rear (27.5)

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What is it?

Updated with our Tripel hub, the Ridgeline is your go-fast wheel for the woods! We aren’t kidding! The lightweight 27.5 or 29, combined with our quick 3.5 degree engagement, super low drag, and Tripel hub is where it’s at for your thirst for speed and catching air!

A super strong hookless rim with the potential to put a smile on any old school or new school riders face. We have tested this wheel countless hours, miles, jumps, and beers to meet our standards of fun. If you don’t know how we get down, just know, we go hard! This wheel withstands all of our antics. Tubeless ready out of the box, this piece of carbon is your 1st upgrade you should consider for your mountain bike.

Racing or Weekend Warriors -you can use the Ridgeline on any path you can find.

Spoke Count

Front Wheel: 
          • 32 spoke front
Rear Wheel:
          • 32 spoke rear

Rim Type

Tubeless Ready Hookless MTB

Wheel Size




Lacing Pattern

3X both sides front
3X both sides rear

Brake Type

Disc Brake

Hubs Tripel MTB Boost Hubs
Bearings S&S Abec-5
Spokes Pillar Wing 21
Nipples Pillar DSN double square brass nipple
Wheel Weights

790g front 27.5
825g front 29er
965g rear 27.5
1000g rear 29er

External Width


Internal Width


Rim Depth


What's Included

• Tubeless Rim Tape Installed
• Tubeless Valves Installed

Tripel MTB Hubs

The Boyd Cycling Tripel Hubs feature an ultra quick 3.5 degrees of engagement. They are built to handle the torque demands of the modern 1X drivetrains and feature super low drag while coasting.

about Tripel mtb hubs


Wheels come pre-taped with tubeless tape and with tubeless valves. On a mountain bike you definitely want a tubeless set up, and we make it way easier!

learn more

Offset rimbed

Boyd Cycling Rims look a little different than other brands. Why is that? Click here to find out why we use an offset rim bed on all disc brake wheels.

learn more here


There is no half send!

Grab the backpack, supplements, your keys. Call the buddies, plan the afternoon or weekend. Go find the most fun or brutal trail you can and enjoy every mile of abuse you can throw at our wheels!

Why do I need it?

A night and day upgrade over your OEM wheelset, the Ridgeline can offer strength in areas you need it most. Our tubeless ready wheelset can run a lower PSI, therefore giving you a much more stable and comfortable ride. These wheels do not lose speed shredding downhill, or pushing uphill. This is one of the true shining points of our whole MTB lineup.

Handbuilt in South Carolina

Your wheels deserve the human touch. Our wheelbuilders put the same care into every wheelset that they would their own. Whether you are just riding for fun or winning a national championship, you deserve the confidence in knowing your wheels are built right.

Sleek Black BOYD Label Decals

Let your wheels say something without being too loud. The sleek and cool black label is an understated and stealthy look. Want to spice things up a bit? Choose a decal color option and show your speed off.