44mm Prologue Carbon Rim Brake Wheelset

2020P44CR24HF / 2020P44CR28HR

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44mm Prologue Carbon Rim Brake Wheelset
44mm Prologue Carbon Rim Brake Wheelset
44mm Prologue Carbon Rim Brake Wheelset
44mm Prologue Carbon Rim Brake Wheelset
44mm Prologue Carbon Rim Brake Wheelset

The Prologue Series is a series of budget-friendly, economical wheel builds. By utilizing a more automated layup process (which adds approximately 20 grams per rim), we are able to keep costs down to spec a wheelset that has incredible performance for half to one-third of the costs of premium models. The Prologue rims feature a hooked tire interface so you can use any tire brand at any pressure and not worry about the catastrophic tire blow-offs that a road hookless rim can suffer.

All Prologue series wheels come with the Skyuka hubs featuring 10-degree engagement and Abec 3 sealed cartridge bearings. The Skyuka rear hub is available in a Shimano Hyperglide or Sram XDR freehub body and requires no tools to swap between the different freehub body standards.

Built with Pillar Aero 1423 spokes and external brass nipples, the Prologue is built to be a great budget upgrade that can be used for everyday riding.

Prologue – It's time to start something.

Despite the growing popularity of disc brake, many people have a favorite rim brake bike, and they're in no hurry to get rid of it. New rim brake wheelsets can be hard to find at a budget price, and scouring the used market for a wheelset always has it's disadvantages. The 44mm rim brake is the ideal blend of weight, aero gain, and crosswind stability. Our most popular wheel since 2015, the 44mm depth now has a version designed for the Prologue series for an unrivaled price to performance ratio. At just 1555 grams this wheelset is equally at home on a mountain road, flying along the coast, or hammering your local group ride. If you need one wheelset to do it all, the 44mm clincher is the wheelset for you.

In a word – everything. We have often said that the mid-depth 44mm clincher is an all-purpose wheelset. With the wide 19mm internal tubeless rim, you can comfortably run road tires in the 25mm to 32mm width. Gone are the days when you would need a heavy alloy wheel to ride every day and then swap to the fast wheels for special purpose. Use the special wheels every day, every ride, everywhere.

If you've watched the Tour de France in 2020, you've probably already noticed that a lot of the pro riders still rely on rim brakes for their racing at the highest level. If you have that rim brake bike that you love riding, but want to give it a little power-up, the Prologue 44mm clinchers will be that upgrade that will have the most impact on your bike’s performance and one you’ll enjoy every day.

Spoke Count

Front Wheel: 
          • 24 spoke front
Rear Wheel:
          • 28 spoke rear

Rim Type

Carbon Tubeless Ready Rim Brake Clincher 

Wheel Size


Lacing Pattern

Radial front
2X both sides rear

Brake Type

Textured Rim Brake

Hubs Skyuka Road Hubs
Spokes Pillar Aero 1423
Nipples Pillar DSN double square brass nipples
Wheelset Weight


Rim Depth


Internal Width


Recommended Tire Size 25mm to 32mm for road
What's Included

Tubeless Rim Tape Installed
Onyx Carbon Brake Pads
Lifetime Warranty

Skewers are NOT included. Order them here