A word of warning regarding Continental GP5000 TL tires.

Our tubeless rim bed meets all the critical dimensions to successfully run tubeless tires. The dimensions make for easy installation and tubeless set up. We have tested tubeless tires from a large number of tire companies and had success with almost all of these. Some tires fit a little tighter than others, but for that case we made a video showing how to easily mount tighter tires


Unfortunately, the new Continental GP500 TL tire has a bead diameter that is way tighter than any other tire we have seen. With Continental being such a large brand, we have had frustration with a lot of customers trying to mount those tires wheels. This is not unique to Boyd Cycling wheels, as there are reports across all wheel brands that the GP500 TL tire is near impossible to mount.

We would prefer that our customers not resort to extreme force on tire levers just to get the first bead on the rim. With that, we are heavily discouraging the use of Continental GP5000 TL tires on the carbon wheels. Any damage to a carbon rim caused by excessive force on tire levers will not be covered by the wheel’s lifetime warranty.

For tips, tricks, and videos on setting up your wheels tubeless, please visit:



  • Andres Di Stefano

    mine 5000 to went on very easily on my Boyd’s 55 disc.
    I placed the tires under the southern cal sun for 45 minutes. I did not use any tools.
    Love the wheels and tire combo.
    Btw, mine are 28.
    Maybe the size matters?

  • Boyd Johnson

    Randy, The non-tubeless tires tend to fit a little less tight and are easier to install.
    Installing tubeless tires with a tube can be a little tricky as you have to worry about pinching the tube. The video we posted has a trick for that to avoid pinching the inner tube.

  • Martin

    I agree the tyres are harder to get on wheels rims but if you are a competent fitter this should be a big issue. I would sooner have a tight fitting tyre that will astay on longer if you flat at speed. Overall they are very very good tyres with mavis wheels

  • Randy Fulp

    Is the same true for clinchers if you’re using tubes?

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