Boyd Cycling - The Tire Mounting Trick!

Check out this tire mounting trick…


We mount a lot of tires here at Boyd Cycling HQ for our Ready2Ride program and have developed a little trick for fitting tires on our tubeless rim bed wheels. Watch the video below to see how we install tires.

This tire mounting trick works for both tubeless and non-tubeless tires.

  • First bead of the tire easily seats onto the rim.
  • For inner tubes, partially inflate tube so that it has some structure and place tube in the tire. Be careful not to pinch the tube.
    TIP: Hold wheel horizontal to make it easier to get tube in the tire.
  • Place second bead of the tire on the rim. Leave the valvestem area last and note how tight it fits.
    TIP: this lets you push the valve up into the tire at the last step so that you don’t pinch the tube.
  • Begin pinching both sides of the tire so that the beads of the tire fit inside the center channel of the rim, giving you more room to fit the last portion of the tire over the rim.
    TIP: You may have to do this a couple times, but it will give you enough room to mount the tire without levers.
  • When it comes time to change your tire use this same method to loosen the tire up from the beads of the rim.
  • We DO recommend the use of tire levers for unmounting tires from the wheel.

For 2019, we are going to release more videos to make riding even easier. Leave us a comment below for any videos you might want to see from Boyd Cycling.


  • Karen

    I am so grateful to you for posting this video. I have Conti 5000 tires and they have been impossible to change. I used your method and did it all with my hands and in no time at all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Chris Pryear

    I think you need to try a Vittoria Corsa Control tire. It was extremely difficult to put on the rim. But once it is on the wheel, it looks really nice.

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