Rouleur Track Wheelset
Rouleur Track Wheelset
Rouleur Track Wheelset
Rouleur Track Wheelset
Rouleur Track Wheelset
Rouleur Track Wheelset
Rouleur Track Wheelset
Rouleur Track Wheelset
Rouleur Track Wheelset
Rouleur Track Wheelset
Rouleur Track Wheelset

Rouleur Track Wheelset

Regular price$425.00

Centerlock Track Cog Size
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • 928g front / 977g rear
  • Handbuilt in Greenville, SC

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What is it?

Based on our tried and true ROULEUR tubeless disc rim, the ROULEUR TRACK makes a great first wheelset or next wheelset. Designed to do everything from training laps to navigating potholes and taxi drivers - you'll love these wheels like a favorite pair of jeans.

Centerlock cogs reduce the time and tools required for gear changes to a few seconds with a lockring tool you probably already own. A welcome design change if you've ever wrestled with a chain whip and a stubborn threaded cog, or slipped a tool off an old-school lockring.

why do i need it?

The Rouleur is a great option for workouts or riding the trainer between races - perfect for an inexpensive intro to riding velodromes but also designed to handle roads and even package delivery.

Spoke Count

Front Wheel: 28 spokes
Rear Wheel: 32 spokes

Rim Type

6061 Alloy, Tubeless Ready

Wheel Size




Lacing Pattern

2X both sides front
3X both sides rear


CL-TK threaded axle - 9mm x 100mm F / 10mm x 120mm R or 3/8" x 100mm F / 3/8" x 120mm R

Bearings Enduro Abec-5 LLB/LLU
Spokes Pillar TB2018
Nipples Pillar DSN double square brass nipple
Wheel Weights

928g front
977g rear

External Width


Internal Width


Rim Depth


What's Included

Tubeless Rim Tape Installed
2 Year Warranty


Centerlock Track Cogs are easily swapped between races and a threaded cog can also be mounted for even faster flips.


The no-nonsense daily driver for workouts and trainer warmups, bulletproof clincher track wheels are an indispensible tool in any Trackie's quiver.

Tubeless ready

Rouleur Track Wheels can be run with tubes or tubeless clincher tires depending on your preference.


Rouleur Track


Wheel swaps are easy on track bikes, so you'll see folks at the velodrome with multiple sets. Rouleur Track wheels save wear and tear on your race wheels.

Handbuilt in South Carolina

Your wheels deserve the human touch. Our wheelbuilders put the same care into every wheelset that they would their own. Whether you are just riding for fun or winning a national championship, you deserve the confidence in knowing your wheels are built right.


We suggest 25c or 28c for track, or up to 40c if you'll be riding these around town.

The cogs use a centerlock rotor interface and are held in place by the same type of lockring you would use with a rotor. Gear swaps between races have never been easier.