Boyd Cycling Tubeless Valve Pair
Boyd Cycling Tubeless Valve Pair
Boyd Cycling Tubeless Valve Pair

Boyd Cycling Tubeless Valve Pair


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Multiple lengths

This means you can choose the right length for your wheels. Installation is done in seconds, not minutes, and you don't have to worry about properly tightening down extenders.

  • 44mm valve for 28mm carbon, Altamont, Altamont, CCC, Trailblazer and MTB wheels
  • 60mm valve for 44mm carbon and 36mm depths (36 Road Disc, Pinnacle, and Jocassee)
  • 80mm valve for 55 Road Disc and 60mm carbon
  • 110mm valve for 90mm carbon and 90 Road Disc
Square bottom rubber base

Put more rubber in contact with your rim bed. This gives a more air tight seal, allows more sealant to seal the base, and prevents the valve from spinning when you are tightening the nut. When you are trying to prevent air from leaking, having more contact is a huge advantage.

Rubber on the valve

As you can see from the picture below, the rubber actually goes down the shaft of the valve. This means the rubber is pressing through the valve hole and tape, instead of bare metal. Again, this helps to create a more air tight seal. . .preventing leaks and making set up much easier.

The square bottom on the rubber, plus the rubber extending down the valve helps create the best air tight sealing system. Set up is a breeze and works much better than other valves on the market.

The Tubeless Wingnut!

It started off as the simplest of ideas. I was out mountain biking with some friends and on the last run of the day (as we were running out of daylight). One of my friends got a flat tire and we couldn't get it to seal again (the tubeless sealant had boogered up). So, we were going to throw a tube in and ride back to the car. Problem is the nut on the tubeless valve was on so tight than none of us could remove it! I finally was able to take two rocks and loosen the nut enough and said "Somebody needs to make this nut a wingnut!"

That was the "a-ha!" moment. We drew up the wingnut, had prototypes made, and brought them to Interbike with us. . . almost as a fun little side idea. Well, every cycling publication wrote about the wingnut and BikeRadar even mentioned it as one of their favorite things at Interbike. We quickly filed patent work, and produced a bunch of them.

Every set of Boyd Cycling Tubeless Valves will come with a pair of the wingnuts. It makes it very easy to tighten the nut down by hand. More importantly, if you are riding and need to loosen the nut, you can do that by hand as well.

Lightweight aluminum

As much as we don't like to admit we all fret over every gram. . .we do. We don't want heavy valves throwing off the balance of the wheels. These valves are a light weight aluminum that helps keep the weight down when your wheel is spinning.
Weights for the valve (with nut for tightening) is:
44mm - 5 grams
55mm - 5 grams
60mm - 6 grams
80mm - 6 grams
110mm - 8 grams

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