Rim NSD Measurements

We are now using Nipple Seat Diameter (NSD) instead of Effective Rim Diameter (ERD).

The ERD measurements are what you need in order to calculate spoke size for a wheel build. However, the ERD is based on the measurement of your nipple length (x2) as well. Since we do not know what kind of nipples you will be using, us providing the ERD measurement could result in you getting the wrong size nipples. 

To calculate the ERD based on NSD, you will need to add the length of the nipple head two times to the listed NSD measurement. Typically a traditional nipple head will be 2mm, so you would need to add 4mm to the NSD. A double square nipple head is usually closer to 4mm, so you would need to add 8mm to the NSD in order to calculate ERD.

This image shows an example of the difference between NSD and ERD

Again. You NEED to know where you want your spoke threads to end and add that 2X to the NSD

If you use nipple washers, this will also affect the ERD measurement.

Nipple Seat Diameter (NSD)

Podium Alloy

  • 586mm Altamont Disc (2.8mm spoke offset)
  • 583.3mm Altamont rim brake front
  • 575.5mm Altamont rim brake rear (2.8mm spoke offset)
  • 592mm CCC 700c (2.8mm spoke offset)
  • 554mm CCC 650b (2.8mm spoke offset
  • 587.2mm Kanuga 29er
  • 549.2mm Kanuga 27.5

    Prologue Alloy

  • 587.2mm Rouleur Alloy Disc
  • 587.2mm GVL 700c
  • 549.2mm GVL 650b
  • 587.2mm Stumphouse 29er
  • 549.2mm Stumphouse 27.5

  • Podium Carbon

    • 551mm 44mm Carbon Podium (rim brake)
    • 519mm 60mm Carbon Podium (rim brake)
    • 479mm 80mm Carbon Podium (rim brake and disc brake)
    • 567mm 36mm Road Disc & Pinnacle (2.8mm spoke offset)
    • 527.6mm 55mm Road Disc (2.8mm spoke offset)
    • 589mm Jocassee 700c (2.8mm spoke offset)
    • 551mm Jocassee 650b (2.8mm spoke offset)
    • 589mm Trailblazer 29er (2.8mm spoke offset)
    • 587mm Ridgeline 29er (3.0mm spoke offset)
    • 549mm Ridgeline 27.5 (3.0mm spoke offset)

    Prologue Carbon

    • 551mm 44mm Carbon Prologue (rim and disc brake)
    • 519mm 60mm Carbon Prologue (disc brake)


      • Rear Drive Side Carbon Wheels 120kgf
      • Rear Drive Side Alloy Wheels 110kgf
      • Front Rim Brake both sides 110 kgf
      • Front Disc Brake rotor side 110 kgf

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