Trailblazer XC MTB Wheels
Sub 1400 gram, yet strong carbon 29er, perfect for XC racing
6 products

6 products

Ultra Light durable XC set

The Trailblazer weigh in at less than 1400 grams, yet feature a 26mm internal width rim, perfect for XC tires between 2.2 and 2.5 inch. Despite the low weight, the carbon is layed up in a mountain bike style, intended to hold up to even the harshest of XC riding.

Built with quest hubs

In order to produce the lightest possible set, the Trailblazers feature the Quest and Quest Boost hubs, Super quick 5 degree engagement plus tool free service makes for a durable and lightweight option.

offset rim bed

A low profile rim with a 2.8mm offset help to balance out spoke tension while also giving a compliant ride to help dampen the buzz that a lot of ultra light weight wheels can have.