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podium Alloy Road: Altamont
Boyd remains dedicated to producing a high end alloy rim brake wheelset.

Alloy rim brake

The Altamont alloy rim brake wheels are the wheels that propelled Boyd Cycling to a leader in high end alloy wheels. A planned upgrade to make the Altamonts even better was planned for 2021, however global materials shortage severely affected the entire cycling industry.

Boyd Cycling made the decision to stop being at the mercy of global logistics and onshore all alloy rim production. The Altamont is a result of years of work to create the highest possible quality in an alloy bicycle rim. Best of all, this is done in house in Greenville, SC.

3 products

3 products

Front and Rear

In part of making the highest possible quality, different front and rear rim profiles are used. The front rim is a 27mm deep symmetrical rim shape whereas the rear is a deeper 31mm with a 2.8mm spoke offset. Both rims are 21mm internal with a 26mm external width.

Built on the 85 Hubs

Super quick 5 degree engagement, press fit end caps, and a wide flange spacing helps to build wheels that respond instantly and provide the stiffest possible wheel options.

In House Production.

All alloy rims now made in Greenville, SC