Disc Brake Wheels
Podium Alloy Road: Altamont
A high end, road specific alloy wheelset that will transform your ride.

3 products

3 products

lightweight low profile

At only 400grams the Altamont rim is one of the lightest options on the marker while retaining high strength and durability you should expect from a wheelset.

offset tubeless ready rim

The offset rim bed helps to even out the spoke tension, making a better responding and more balance wheel build. Tubeless ready rim can be run as tubeless or with a tube and tire if you want.

Built on quest hubs

Super fast 5 degree engagement coupled with easy to swap freehub bodies and end caps lets you use this wheelset on any bike with any group.


There's usually never a downside to going with more spokes. You'll only add a few grams worth of weight, but you'll have a stronger and more durable wheelset. Usually we recommend the 28/32 spoke count for riders over 215 pounds, or for those looking for the most durability from your wheelset.

If you want your wheelset to pull double duty as both a road and a gravel set, the Altamont disc is a great option. If you are looking for a pure gravel set, the CCC is a better choice.

The Altamont is a great low weight and super responsive wheelset. Carbon wheels do have an advantage of being stiffer and more aerodynamic, however that does come at a price increase. The Altamont is a great upgrade at just $725 for the set.