Tripel MTB Rear Hub 32h
Tripel MTB Rear Hub 32h
Tripel MTB Rear Hub 32h
Tripel MTB Rear Hub 32h
Tripel MTB Rear Hub 32h
Tripel MTB Rear Hub 32h
Tripel MTB Rear Hub 32h

Tripel MTB Rear Hub 32h


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Rear Axle
Freehub Body
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What Is It?

Super Quick, Low Drag MTB hubs designed for the ultra high torque demands of today's 1X drivetrains.


Mountain Biking places special demands on a hub set. The terrain and ground conditions can change dozens of times within a few hundred feet. Rides can have rock gardens, drops, crazy single trail. . . .anybody else having the urge to go ride right now?

Couple all of this with the move to a 1X drivetrain, and it takes a special hub to handle all of this and perform well.

So how'd we do it?

Torque Demands.

Just above we mentioned moving to a 1X drivetrain. What is unique about this? Well, to accommodate the gearing range needed for a MTB, the cassettes needed to get large. . .very large! Most people running a 1X system are using a minimum of a 46 tooth for the top gear on their cassette. It's more and more common to see 50 and 51 teeth cassettes out on the trail.

As you increase the size of the gear on the back, the torque going to the rear wheel dramatically increases. If you take a larger, more powerful rider, and let them stomp on the pedals uphill this can cause put so much torque to the back hub that severe damage can occur.

So we really started looking into the torque demands of the 1X gearing range. There are three main ways that damage can occur to the hub; axle flex, bearing damage, and pawl damage. If your axle is flexing you have a less secure connection between the pawls and the engagement teeth of the hub. The axle flex happens on the right side of the hub, from under the right hub shell bearing through the freehub body.

To combat this we have an axle with variable thickness. The entire axle is 12mm for the inside diameter, but from the center of the hub to the right the outside diameter is 17mm. This beefy axle means no flex under the hardest of efforts.

For the pawls to handle all this torque, the Tripel hubs have 6 pawls each with 3 tips on them (tripel). All 6 of these pawls engage at the same time, meaning as any given point you have 18 contact points moving you forward


Quick Engagement

The Tripel hubs have a massive 102 teeth on the driver ring! With all 6 pawls engaging at the same time, this makes a very snappy 3.5 degrees of engagement. For mountain biking, quick engagement can be the difference between making it over that rock garden or having to do the walk of shame!


Low Drag

With the popularity of super quick engagement on MTB hubs, one thing has been a constant. . . high drag! To deal with the high torque loads, most hubs have pawls designed to the press quite hard against the engagement teeth. This leads to a wheel that slows you down whenever you are coasting, not fun at all. 
This is where the Tripel hubs really shine! With the beefed up axle, combined with the geometry of the pawls and leaf springs pressing on the pawls, we have been able to design a hub with amazingly quick engagement, yet no drag when you are coasting. Your wheel just wants to keep coasting, not acting as a coaster brake!


All of our disc brake hubs are centerlock. It's simply a better way to attach a rotor, including in the mountain bike world. Set the rotor in seconds, not minutes. Don't worry about individually torquing down 6 separate tiny bolts.

Swappable End Caps and Freehub Bodies

We learned a lot from the popularity of our Quest Disc brake hubs. The number one thing? People like simplicity and tool free assembly! The Tripel hubs feature press-fit end caps and a freehub body that can be swapped over by hand. Cleaning your hub, swapping end caps, or changing you freehub body? Do this in seconds with no tools required. Spend more time on the trails, not searching for that Allen wrench you misplaced!


Boost and Non-Boost Spacing

We are offering the hub in both Boost and Non-Boost spacing. Non-Boost spaced hubs have the options of either a QRX100 and QRX135 end caps or a 15X100 and 12X142 end caps.
All Boost spacing hubs come in 15X110 front and 12X148 rear axle configuration.

You CAN NOT run a Boost Spaced hub on a standard frame and you CAN NOT run a Non-Boost hub on a Boost Spaced Frame. Please re-read this paragraph 5 times!!

  • 18 points of contact, 3.5 degrees of engagement
  • Manufactured from 6061 forged aluminum
  • Quick change freehub body and endcaps
  • 28 hole front, 32 hole rear
  • Designed for Centerlock rotors
  • Shimano/Sram and XD compatible
  • 440gr (pair)

Wheel building Specs

Standard Front Hub (100mm)
Rotor Side PCD - 58.0mm
Non Rotor Side PCD - 58.0mm
center to center of rotor - 21.5mm
center to center of non rotor - 35.0mm

Standard Rear Hub (142mm)
Drive Side PCD - 64.0mm
Non Drive Side PCD - 58.0mm
center to center of drive side - 18.0mm
center to center of non drive side - 33.0mm

Spoke Hole Size - 2.5mm

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