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Trailblazer 29er BOOST Wheelset
Trailblazer 29er BOOST Wheelset
Trailblazer 29er BOOST Wheelset
Trailblazer 29er BOOST Wheelset
Trailblazer 29er BOOST Wheelset
Trailblazer 29er BOOST Wheelset
Trailblazer 29er BOOST Wheelset
Trailblazer 29er BOOST Wheelset
Trailblazer 29er BOOST Wheelset

Trailblazer 29er BOOST Wheelset


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Axle Spec
Decal Color
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Handbuilt in Greenville, SC
  • 620g front / 765g rear (29er 700c)

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What is it?

With a modern internal width of 26mm, this hookless rim mates perfectly with fast rolling cross-country tires ranging from 2.1” to 2.4”. At the center of the wheel are the Quest Disc MTB hubs (120 grams for the front and 245 grams for the rear) with their super quick five-degree engagement, tool free service and centerlock spline for disc brake rotors.

Pillar Wing 20 J-Bend spokes and alloy nipples are laced double-cross with 24 spoke front and 28 spoke rear. The ultra-light, yet durable, 370-gram rim measures 26mm internal, featuring a 2.8mm offset rim bed for better tension balance and a more responsive wheel build.

These specs total up to a 1380-gram wheelset that has a modern day wider rim design and can handle the rigors of cross country mountain bike riding. For more extreme terrain, the 30mm Ridgeline Enduro wheels are a perfect pick.

Spoke Count

Front Wheel:
          • 24 spoke front (weight limit 200 pounds MTB use)
Rear Wheel:
          • 28 spoke rear (weight limit 200 pounds MTB use)

Rim Type

Tubeless Ready Hookless Clincher

Wheel Size




Lacing Pattern

2X both sides front
2X both sides rear

Brake Type

Disc Brake

Hubs Quest Disc Brake Hubs
Bearings Enduro Abec-5 LLB/LLU
Spokes Pillar Wing 20
Nipples Pillar DSN double square alloy nipple
Wheel Weights

620g front 29er (700c)
765g rear 29er (700c)

External Width


Internal Width


Rim Depth


What's Included

• Tubeless Rim Tape Installed
• Tubeless Valves Installed
• Quick Release Skewers (if QR end caps ordered)

Quest Disc Brake Hubs

Built on the quick engaging, tool free, durable Quest hubs. This centerlock disc brake hub comes on the heart of every Podium level wheelset.

learn more about the quest


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Offset rimbed

Boyd Cycling Rims look a little different than other brands. Why is that? Click here to find out why we use an offset rim bed on all disc brake wheels.

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Trailblazer 29er

The Ultra-light carbon XC wheel

Cross Country mountain bikers racers will lust after the nimble, yet durable wheelset. If your events have you looking for a weight advantage while still riding off the pavement, the Trailblazer is the option for you.

Why do I need it?

 Your mountain bike races are won on the uphills, not a timed segment downhill. Going lighter without sacrificing rim width and durability is key to better performance. On the gravel side, your gravel events feature more terrain than speed. Having a rim that handles the 35mm+ gravel tires, while giving you the impact protection of a strong hookless carbon rim. You are already gaining weight with a larger tire, offset that with a lighter wheel!

Handbuilt in South Carolina

Your wheels deserve the human touch. Our wheelbuilders put the same care into every wheelset that they would their own. Whether you are just riding for fun or winning a national championship, you deserve the confidence in knowing your wheels are built right.

Sleek Black BOYD Label Decals

Let your wheels say something without being too loud. The sleek and cool black label is an understated and stealthy look. Want to spice things up a bit? Choose a decal color option and show your speed off.