Argent Carbon Brake Pads
Argent Carbon Brake Pads
Argent Carbon Brake Pads

Argent Carbon Brake Pads


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The Argent brake pads represent the newest in carbon braking performance. 

1 Set of brake pads = 4 brake pads (enough for one bicycle)

Boyd Cycling stays dedicated to the rim brake market, and even bringing new products to riders who prefer their rim brake bikes. With the release of the new textured brake track, a new brake pad designed to handle the engraved chevrons was needed.

With a combination of durability and improved stopping power, the Argent brake pads give disc brake braking power on the Boyd Cycling textured brake tracks. The Argent pads can also be used to provide increased stopping power on non-Boyd wheels, or any previous generation Boyd Cycling wheels without the engraved brake tracks.

These new brake pads also have great modulation and brake feel. We tested these on the road for months before final production letting multiple riders try the brake pads and give their impressions. Braking is predictable, there is no pulsation, and the absolute stopping power is there when you need it. Now you can have carbon rim brake wheels that stop just like the disc brake counterparts.

One set come with four brake pads, enough to outfit your entire bike with new pads. Please note that on the first ride there may be a little material that comes off after the first couple times of using the brakes, this is just the top layer and is meant to come off.  It's recommended to clean the wheels with a rag and rubbing alcohol after your first ride.

Excessive toeing in of these brake pads will also accelerate the wear. A lot of time has been spent ensuring that these brake pads will not squeal on your carbon rims. You should not have to toe in your brake pads on these as much as a traditional carbon brake pad. This will also help with longevity.

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