Tubeless Tape


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Tubeless Tape
Tubeless Tape
Tubeless Tape
Available in three widths: Carbon Road, Alloy Road, MTB & Jocassee
  • 22mm tape (18-19mm internal rim width)
  • 25mm tape (20-22mm internal rim width)
  • 28mm tape (24-26mm internal rim width)
  • 32mm tape 
  • 36mm tape

Designed to conform to the center channel and bead locking rim bed, our tubeless tape creates an air-tight seal between the tire and rim bed. Our tubeless tape is not as stiff as a lot of the other options, which makes installation a breeze! Tape comes in three widths and is 10 meters long. This is enough tape two wrap a set of wheels and enough tape to spare for overlaps or any possible mistakes.