We're moving! Found out where.

We’re moving. No, we are not leaving the country, state, or even city. However, with the recent development around our current location, it makes sense for Boyd Cycling to establish a new headquarters.

I am fond of good beer. It’s the perfect cap to a Saturday ride with friends and it’s a good reason for gathering.  Connecting the hop dots, we happen to have three different hubs named after this special beverage: the Quest in honor of a Greenville brewery, the 85 also named after a local Greenville brewery, and the Tripel, named after my favorite type of Belgian beer.

Boyd Cycling is currently located in West Greenville, an area rich in history that has long been part of a vision for a 60-acre community park and destination point. We were fortunate to purchase our building well before the announcement of a new park was revealed. Unity Park, taking its name from community, is now underway and will include Reedy River, green space, an athletic field, eateries and…yes, a new brewery.

This new brewery will be moving into the space that we currently occupy. With 97% of the wheelsets we produce being boxed up and shipped over the world, we need more of a production facility, not a space where thousands of people per day visit.

[There’s a entire website dedicated to the history and revitalization plans for Unity Park. Link at blog’s end!]

When we purchased our building it wasn't pretty. We took a big chance on fixing up and renovating a building that had been neglected for decades.


Bikerumor stopped by and did a tour of our current building. You can see the transformation we made from when we purchased the building!

So when Pangea Brewery approached us about leasing our space, it just made good community sense to the overall plan. Simultaneously, the move makes good sense for Boyd Cycling as our new space allows for even better efficiency and expansion of our product line.
We’ve experienced unprecedented year to date growth, thanks to all of you. Much of our growth too, we attribute to the Greenville community that has supported us from the start. In some ways, this is a give-back. 

November 1st marks the move to our new location, Travelers Rest. The official address is 1105 Old Buncombe Rd. Greenville, SC 29617. A historic town located at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Travelers Rest was just that: a resting stop for traveler’s before tackling the mountains. The little town of 4600 also happens to be located at the end of the 20-mile rails-to-trails Swamp Rabbit Trail that stretches from Greenville to Travelers Rest.


Even better, we are now situated at the base of Paris Mountain, our favorite training grounds. Hill repeats just got that much easier (to get to). For cyclists looking for an excellent place to park and begin a ride, the new building has a very large parking lot and will be available for use at no charge. Best of all, when we’ve finished our ride and are craving a tasty beverage, we can hop on the Swamp Rabbit Trail (still located ¼ of a mile from the building) and hit a number of small, locally owned restaurants and breweries - all within a few miles.
Learn more about 
Unity Park and its place in Greenville, SC history.


  • David G Bencivengo

    Just read your article. Might be moving there in a few years once I retire and am looking to hook up with cyclists. Might be moving to Robinson Lake which does not seem too far from your facility.

  • Phil Webb

    Great news! Love watching your progress as an awesome, local, HandCrafted bicycle component company! Welcome to Travelers Rest!

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