We’re Gearing Up For 12 Speed XDR & AXS

We’re Gearing Up For 12 Speed XDR & AXS

Here is what you need to know about running a 12 speed XDR freehub body on Boyd wheels with Quest disc brake hubs and 85 Road rim brake hubs.

Q: What do I need to know about converting or building a Boyd wheelset with an XDR freehub body?
A: The XDR driver is 1.85mm longer than an XD driver, but it occupies the same space as an 11-speed Shimano Hyperglide driver.
This means there will be no redishing of the wheel to use the new driver if you’re already running an 11 speed wheelset.

Q: When will you start selling XDR freehub bodies?
A: We expect our first shipment to arrive very soon.

Q: Can you run an 11 speed Sram XD cassette on an XDR freehub body?
A: Yes, simply use a 1.85mm spacer behind the cassette.

Give us a shout to reserve an XDR freehub body for the next (12 speed) Build Of Your Dreams.


If you’d like to learn more about this exciting new technology visit sram.com for more info…

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