Video: Never the Off-Season

Video: Never the Off-Season

We totally agree. Enjoy your bike in every season. There is no off season. Always the up season. There is no bad weather, only bad clothing. This video was produced for Grade Cycling – and we think it’s too cool to not share. We reached out to Grade to get an idea of what they’re about and here’s what they had to say…

Who is Grade Cycling?
We are a cycling apparel startup, focused on folks that like to climb, born in the hills of Oakland, California. Grade was founded by a small group of friends, who enjoy pushing the limits, on black friday of november 2016, under the #optoutside movement.

How did Boyd wheels end up in the video ‘never the off-season’?
Our newest video was produced in Norway, and features two of our brand athletes (Nils and Daniel). Our brand is designed to hold the flag for the athlete that never quits, the stubborn, the pain addicts. We have no off season, we ride in all weather. Our athletes are not paid actors or models, they are real cyclists, and they use their own gear for every promotional story we create.

Why should someone consider Grade Cycling for their next jersey or kit?
All of our kits are developed with extreme attention to detail, we use only the finest materials, fabrics from mostly Europe, and all of it goes through rigorous QA. We do not cut corners. Our kits are not cheap, but they hold a guarantee to perform, regardless of the conditions. More than 85% of our customers are repeating customers. And we proudly hold a 5 star review rating. If something doesn’t work out, we fix it. We will always do the right thing. There are many brands out there, we know… we try our best to earn our business.

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