Trying times

As I write this blog, the entire world is on high alert due to the Covid-19 outbreak. I am not an infectious disease expert and I will not pretend that I know more than the experts (even though I do have a few social media accounts).

What I do know is that those of us with healthy lifestyles are at a very low risk for showing any symptoms beyond the very mild category. Most of the people who receive our newsletter or read this blog fall into that category of living a healthy lifestyle. Kudos to you, it's not only something that we enjoy, it's great for us.

We have to adjust our lives during these times. Even though most of us are at an extremely low risk of falling ill, we are in contact with people who have elevated risks every day. If we didn't make any adjustments to our lives, the spread of this virus could be catastrophic. 

However, we should remind ourselves that our lifestyle is one that keeps us healthy. I urge you to remain living your lifestyle, keep riding your bike (even if its solo rides or on the trainer), keep eating healthy, and most of all remain positive. 

Boyd Cycling will remain open during these times. We are a very small company and have a few of us working from home to answer calls, emails, and the live chat. Our wheel builders and shipping manager are working in shifts to minimize any contact, yet remain productive. Personally, I am extremely proud of how they came together, as for a small business every day is important. The health of our employees and also our customers is even more important, which is why we have made these adjustments. We have always used rubbing alcohol to clean the wheels before they get shipped, so that will obviously continue.

Things will get better and we want to look back at this and know we did our part to help, however small it may be. Life and our lifestyle will go on.

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