Tripel Mountain Bike Hub Release & Tech

We showed off our all new Tripel MTB hub at Sea Otter this year. With a ton of features packed into one hub, the attention the hub received was overwhelming!

We are now building and shipping MTB wheels with the new Tripel hubs that feature super quick engagement, very low drag, and an axle designed to withstand the flex of today's modern 1X drivetrains. Couple that with a tool free disassembly, and you have one of the most well thought-out hubs on the market today!

Want to know what went in to making this hub and all the tech features? Check out this video that goes into the details of the new Tripel hubs.

If you are interested in reading more details about the hub, you can click here

To purchase the hubs by themselves for your own wheel builds, we have them available here

The Ridgeline and Kanuga MTB wheels will come standard with the Tripel MTB hubs!

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