Nicole & Boyd's T-Lab x Boyd Cycling "Dream Bikes"

Titanium fans and handbuilt aficionados rejoice! You have seen the previews… here is the finished product! Both Nicole and Boyd have designed custom Ti bikes from our Canadian friends at T-Lab Bikes, to reflect their “Dream Builds”. Boyd, on a road bike, but Nicole, surprised us with an amazing build to get off the beaten path and hit the gravel trails! We chose to partner with T-lab because we knew they could build the right frame to reflect Boyd and Nicole's love for cycling and their attention to detail. These beauties are incredible both in appearance and ride quality. T-lab hand builds their frames in in Canada using careful manipulation of cold worked grade 9 (3AL-2.5V) titanium. The proprietary tube shaping provides 30% more stiffness while giving excellent ride quality and smoothness. Both bikes feature the newest from Boyd Cycling, T-lab, and Shimano, along with a host of other goodies. 




Let’s start with Nicole’s Gravel Bike, the custom T-Lab X3 Boyd Cycling Special Edition. First of all it’s fitted with our Pinnacle Carbon Wheels. We could just stop right there and it would be news enough to say “let’s go ride!” but we do not want to undersell you on what this bike really consists of. Ultegra 8000 11-speed and the newest  Di2 on the market will have you geared and ready for any section you approach. One of the coolest custom parts of this bike that you cannot overlook is the bar tape and how well the silver accents flow throughout the entire bike. Nicole’s color choices were great for this build because the colors are sleek, but will still stand out. The matte paint will withstand a beating, too! Tire specs are 700x40c WTB Nano, set up to run tubeless. Gravel rides are fun, but what’s better is to hit the gravel with less worries for flats and punctures, thanks to our Tickled Pink Tubeless Sealant. Gravel rides are meant to be fun, right? Below is a spec table for this awesome X3!

We cannot forget Boyd’s T-Lab R3 Boyd Cycling Special Edition. You can look at this bike and say a few things to yourself, but first to mind is that color combo. The Silver/Black mix up is breathtaking! We have had a few people come up when we were out on test rides in amazement of how well the colors around the bike flow together. Aesthetically, it’s hard to beat. We one-upped ourselves though, sitting this bike on a set of Boyd Carbon Disc 55’s with Terminator Tears logos. That name gets us every time mentioned, but the liquid metal-look, combined with the color combo makes this bike look like a show bike. Looks are not the only thing this bike carries, it also carries the makeup for an extremely fast bike. IRC Formula 1s, 700x28c - tubeless, tell us Boyd means business each and every ride. The strength and comfort of the cold worked, handbuilt, Ti frame take any of Boyd’s abuse he can dish out. R8000 Ultegra Di2 and a 11-28 cassette give this guy range for any climb or sprint desired. We do not need to say much more on this bike for you to know, this “Dream Build” is awesome! Check the spec chart below.
We are running a poll on our social media and will produce one of these bikes. Our fans get to choose! Specs and geometry tables for the potential production bikes are shown below. Take a look, and go vote for your favorite ride! 

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