It's October, which means it's time to help some younger riders!



Now in it's third year, the trade in for juniors has been the flagship sale for bike wheels. It's not just about getting a great deal on an awesome set of wheels, it's more about supporting the future of our sport. The way it works is you can trade in ANY wheelset in ANY condition and get 20% off on a brand new Boyd Cycling Podium level carbon wheelset.

  • Looking to score a new set of high end carbon wheels? 
  • Want to help out a junior rider who could use some equipment?
Keep scrolling to find out exactly how this program works.
Running the entire month of October, this trade-in program expands on our standard trade-up program that is limited to Boyd Cycling wheels only. The new program invites riders to send in any wheelset in any condition - using a prepaid shipping label - for a fresh set at 20% off.

Here's the best part!
All wheels will receive a QC and if deemed in good condition with no cracks, dings or dents will be donated to a junior rider in need of equipment.

“The trade in is open to wheels of any condition, but we really want to encourage people to trade in wheels that are in rideable condition. There are many junior riders throughout the country who could use a set of wheels, even if it’s not the latest and greatest. We have contacts with many development teams and shops throughout the country and are thrilled that, together with our customers and our dealers, we can all help aspiring cyclists.”

-Boyd Johnson
-Boyd Cycling

Wait. . .ANY wheels in ANY condition??
Yes, even if you traded in this old wheel you would receive 20% off a brand new wheelset. However, we would never send a wheel like this to a junior rider in need of equipment.
How do I participate?

It's easy! Simply fill out the form here:

Keep in mind that we are hand building every set in our Greenville, SC facility. With the order volume, combined with the supply chain issues that have plagued every industry, we are currently asking for 6 to 7 weeks to complete your order. It's ok! You can continue to ride the wheelset you are trading in while you wait for your upgrade. We will strive to beat that, however we always like to under promise and over deliver.

Once your brand new wheelset arrives, there will be a pre-paid return label in the box. Simply box up your old wheels, put the label on, and drop them off at any Fedex facility. It's that easy.


Why Only Carbon Podium Level Wheels?

Well, it's simply what we have available. The bike boom has continued through 2021 and materials shortages have plagued the industry (mainly with aluminum parts). We have spent a TON of time forecasting and placing purchase orders so we are one of the few companies that is receiving shipments of product. However, alloy rims is the one thing where the shortages have impacted our on-hand inventory (for now).


Have a local bike shop who carries Boyd Wheels?

You can check if you do here:

Our dealers are also running this amazing program. The benefit of going through your local bike shop to purchase is that your trade in wheels stay in the local market, benefiting a junior in your own area AND your local bike shop.


Support the future of our sport!
And get a great deal at the same time

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