Introducing the NEW 2020 Ridgeline Carbon MTB Wheels

The Ridgeline Carbon Wheelset was the first MTB wheelset we released. At the time, the 26mm internal width was cutting edge as most people were riding 2.2 to 2.4 inch tires. Just a few years later, tire sizes have increased, people are riding gnarlier terrain, and the Ridgeline was due for a makeover.

The updated Ridgeline rim moves to a 30mm internal width, ideal for 2.3 to 2.7 inch tires. Rim construction is designed for those of us who only know one way to send it!

We are jumping for joy at a new wider, stronger, and more fun carbon Ridgeline MTB Wheelset!
The Ridgeline has always been the wheelset we recommend for aggressive mountain bike riding.
By constructing the carbon rim in an Enduro style layup, we can hit much better strength than alloy rims while keeping a nimble and lively handling wheel. 
The rim’s hookless profile with 3mm wall thickness ensures superior impact protection and the Boyd tubeless rim bed addresses those lower tire pressures for burp-free riding.

An offset rim bed helps to balance spoke tension, resulting in a better responding and more balance wheel.

Finally, for those looking for a stealth, sleek, and sexy look; the Ridgeline graphics have been updated with a new "Black Label" treatment.
The updated rim is not the only new part of the Ridgeline. In keeping with offering the latest specs for all our wheels, we are pleased to announce that we have the new Shimano Microspline drivers available for our Tripel MTB hubs.

Just like all Boyd wheels, swapping between different drivers is completely tool-free and takes about 15 seconds to perform. The Tripel hubs and Microspline freehub bodies are both designed for the massive torque loads today's modern 1X drivetrains and huge cassette ranges place on wheels.
The last new release as part of the Ridgeline is offering the rear in a Super Boost (157mm thru axle). With the 29er wheel size being used for more large travel bikes, widening the flanges on the rear wheel helps with increasing the stiffness and strength. Moving to  a 157mm thru axle helps to increase the spoke angle and the strength of the wheel when the only option is to send it.
Rim weight - 475 grams 29er / 440 grams 27.5
Rim Width - 30mm internal / 36mm external
Rim Offset - 3mm
Rim Depth - 26mm
Spokes - Pillar Wing 21 / 28 Spokes front / 32 Spokes rear
Front Wheel Weight - 825 grams 29er / 790 grams 27.5
Rear Wheel Weight - 1000 grams 29er / 965 grams 27.5
Lifetime warranty - Lifetime crash replacement policy
Price - $1700 for the set

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