How to clean & service your hubs

With all the rain lately, we thought it would be good to show you how to clean, service and lubricate your Quest disc or 85 Road rim brake hub. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to keep your hubs nice and clean. Ideally, this service should occur twice a year, or more often if you’re riding through lots of rain and/or muddy conditions.

You’ll need

  • at least one dirty wheel (the fun part)
  • pair of rubber gloves
  • One or two microfiber towels
  • Rubbing (Isopropyl) alcohol in a spray bottle
  • NixFrixShun Speed Coat lube, used to regrease the hub pawls


  1. Pull the freehub body and axle assembly away from the wheel to gain access to pawls and engagement teeth.
  2. Spray a towel with alcohol and wipe out the engagement teeth of the hub and freehub body.
  3. If the rubber gasket in the hub shell comes loose, press it back in the hub.
  4. Apply a bead of NixFrixShun Speedcoat lube to the engagement teeth. The freehub body will spread the lube around for you when coasting.
  5. Install the axle assembly back into the hub shell, by pressing it into place and pop your endcap back on.
  6. Clean the wheel with some rubbing alcohol on the towel and wipe the wheel down.
  7. Be sure to use a clean towel when wiping off the disc brake rotor.
  8. Once everything is clean, get out and ride!

Is there a video you’d like to see us make in the future? Leave a comment below with your suggestions.

p.s. here’s an exploded view of the Quest disc hub assembly. 85 Road rim brake is very similar.


  • Garrett Hill

    What grease or oil do you recommend for this service now?

  • Thomas Caimano

    Changing Pinnacle to XDR & was able to find the red spacer after dropping it in a dark garage last night, this video & link told me where the heck it came from today. Life is good! TC

  • Boyd Johnson

    Hey Andre,

    The easy to understand breakdown is here.

    There is no adjustment to tighten up, everything is press fit. If you have any play in the hub you may need new bearings. Contact us and we can help.

  • Andre von Olszewski

    Where’s the exploded view of the hub? I have a Quest hub that has some lateral free play; trying to figure out how to tighten it up.

  • Dennis S.

    Thank you for the video, the little Red spacer came off the axle and I was not sure which side of the hub it went on. Now I know (from the video) and my rear wheel is back on, working perfectly!

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