DivaCycling Camp

What is DivaCycling Camp?
DivaCycling Camp is cycling community where women come together to improve cycling skills, health, and wellness. We have an active and engaging online community that is cycling and health focussed and ‘camps’ (ranging in duration from 3 hours to all-inclusive 7 days) across North America. Divas learn skills to become more independent and safer on the bicycle. We discuss nutrition choices, supportive exercises, as well as time and stress management for a healthy life. DivaCycling Camp is grateful to have the support of Boyd Cycling in this adventure.

What is a Camp like?
DivaCycling held a Camp in Muskoka, Ontario on September 12-15 this year and here’s a rundown of the schedule.

Each morning started with Yoga. After breakfast, Divas leave for a road ride where they focused on technique and skills. Each Diva returned to camp with a happy-tired smile on their face (we accommodate all fitness and skill levels). Afternoons were spent with Q&A sessions covering anything from wheel selection, to nutrition, or aches and pains. These conversations usually continue over dinner and wine, then campfire and s’mores!

What’s Next?
DivaCycling Camp’s next adventure is October 18-21 just north of Boyd Cycling HQ. The first two days cover how to climb mountains, descend swiftly and make the most of a group riding experience. On day three we put those new skills to practice with the Hincapie Gran Fondo VIP experience (included in your Camp tuition!) On day four we shake out the legs from all that dancing the night before (or maybe from the 5,000 feet of climbing). Then everyone returns home as happier, healthier, and re-energized humans.

We’d love to have you in the community! We have a Scholarship and Ambassador program!

instagram: @DivaCyclingCamp
Facebook: @Totalcyclist DivaCycling Camp
Twitter: @DivaCyclingCamp


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