Did you know Boyd will give you $20 just for having a birthday?

Come check out our new points, rewards, and loyalty program!

We have some of the best customers out there. Our customers have been our driving force in helping us grow since we started Boyd Cycling way back in 2009! 
Most of the dealers we bring on are from customer referrals. We've worked with countless teams, and a lot of you own multiple sets of wheels. 

We have wanted to have a way to reward those customers, and this points program is a great way. There are 4 main ways you can earn points.

  • Open an account on our website. This one is super easy! You'll earn 500 points.
  • Refer a friend who buys something. You can give them a referral code and you'll earn points from their purchase.
  • Have a birthday. This one may even be easier than opening the account, although you'll still need the account. We will give you $20 worth of points every year on your birthday!
  • Buy stuff. Earn 10 points for every dollar you spend.


Points are worth 100 points for every dollar (1 point per cent). To redeem them you simply log into your account and you can see the points total. Click on "get rewards" and choose how many. We do have some limits in place (for example to redeem $100 worth of points you need to spend at least $500). This will generate a coupon code you can use on your next order.

We tried to keep this as simple as possible as a great way for those customers who are repeat customers or who are helping to drive new business our way.

Making it 10 years is a big deal, and we wouldn't be here without the continued support of our amazing customers. . .so this is our way of saying thanks and giving back.

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