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Crits, Gravel, and Tan Lines

It seems like just a moment ago we were shoveling snow, cursing the cold, and resorting to riding that dreaded trainer. Then, just like that, the weather flipped and everybody went outside.
And you all bought wheels at exactly the same time!!

Yes, it’s very busy here at Boyd Cycling. We’ve been getting tons of orders in, hand building every single wheel, and shipping out record numbers of wheels. We are always humbled by the support of our customers and give every wheel the care we would to our own personal sets.

Speaking of our own personal sets of wheels, our quiver of wheels is getting larger!

We had a very successful Sea Otter where we introduced the new Tripel MTB hubs. We have personally been riding them for over a year and are thrilled to start getting people on them.
Check out the BikeRumor coverage here:

In that article we also talk about our new disc brake specific 55 Road disc wheels. Those will be replacing the 60mm clincher disc. Boyd himself has been testing the 55s up on the Blue Ridge parkway with some one-off decals that are in no way subtle.

You may notice the 55 Road Disc is not on our current site. Well, we have some very exciting news for that. In just a few short days we will be introducing a brand new, completely revamped website! Now, being the humble company that we are, we don’t like to brag about how good we look. . . but wow, this new website looks SO good.

April in the Southeast means heat and lots of riding.
This past Friday was the Spartanburg Crit. In the Women’s Pro Race, Samantha Schneider of the CWA Racing Team took the WIN against a huge field of the top professional racers in the country. Sam was rocking a set of the 44mm clinchers on a night with some super gusty winds. The next day she followed that up with an amazing 2nd place in the Athens Twilight crit, the most intense and celebrated crit in the country.
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Saturday many of the Boyd Cycling crew rode the Wheels For Meals ride. Boyd Cycling has been involved in the sponsorship of this event for years. We have donated wheelsets that have gone onto raise thousands of meals for those in need. We have always been amazed at the real power of two wheels.

From this year’s event.

Sunday was an amazing gravel event in Saluda, SC. Boyd and head wheel builder Chad headed down for 70 miles of punishing dirt roads in hot dry conditions. Always one for experimenting, Boyd rode a set of 36mm gravel tubulars that performed very well. Is the trade off of risking flats worth the benefits of a lighter and more supple tire? It will depend on the rider and course, but as gravel races start to get infiltrated by more and more roadies, I predict you’ll see more tubulars being used.

Did I mention it was hot? Check out the salty jersey after the race!

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