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Catalina Island Gravel

Catalina Island Gravel

We kept hearing how good the wine mixers are on Catalina Island, so we dropped a bunch of wheels off with some cool people for a little thing called content camp. Here’s what they had to say about our Jocassee 650b and 700c Pinnacle Hookless gravel wheels.

“A first for me was riding a 650b wheelset. I have heard mixed reviews on this size of wheel but for the fire roads we were riding and rough chatter they rode through quite well. A few downhill breaking bump style terrains I had the feeling as though I could more easily jump through sections as I felt a bit more planted to the ground.” – Jon

“The Pinnacle 700c Boyd wheels and they handled great in the gravel, while descending I was able to float through the corners. The wide profile rims gave me peace of mind while we tore across all different types of dirt, rocks, and gravel.” – Shelby


“Love the wheels, lighter, faster, and the acceleration was pretty noticeable over my personal 650b wheels. Mounting tubeless tires was super easy and very simple. Changing out rotors and cassettes was a breeze all of the end-caps are included. Two thumbs up.” – Steve


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