Boyd Cycling updates Jocassee Gravel wheels for 2021

New, wider low profile rim helps to shave over 200 grams from the previous version. 

700 and 650b sizes available.


Boyd Cycling, a craft wheel manufacturer based out of Greenville, SC specializes in bicycle wheels for road, gravel, cyclocross, and mountain bike use. Boyd’s newest offering is an update to their popular Jocassee, a 650b gravel carbon wheelset.

    Jocassee is a heritage preserve in the Northwest corner of South Carolina. Containing over 100 miles of gravel roads, Jocassee is a favorite of cyclists looking for a very difficult gravel ride. Founder, Boyd Johnson, started riding in Jocassee on a road bike with 25mm tires in the early 2010s (not highly recommended at all!). Over time gravel started to emerge as a discipline, people migrated to cyclocross bikes, followed by gravel specific bikes.


When Boyd Cycling introduced the Jocassee as a 650b gravel wheelset in 2017, it was in a very unique position. 650b for gravel was in its infancy. Most people were running 32 to 35mm tires for gravel rides. Fast forward a few short years later and almost all gravel bikes have the ability to run both 700c and 650b tire sizes. While 700c remains the overwhelming favorite, the ability to have a dual purpose bicycle is a large attraction for people buying a new gravel bike.

The updated Jocassee, available in both 700c and 650b is ideal for those running larger tire sizes on gravel roads and paths. The massive 26mm internal rim width mates perfectly to gravel tires in the 40mm+ range. The modification of the rim geometry helps to drop 120 grams in rim weight while keeping the same durability.


The Jocassee is (of course) tubeless compatible and features a hookless rim, perfect for running high volume / low pressure tires. The spoke nipples are offset by 2.8mm which allows for more even spoke tension between right and left side of the wheel. This makes for a wheel that holds tension better and prevents broken spokes. However, in the event a wheel ever does need to be trued, the Jocassees are built with easy to adjust external nipples and feature J-Bend spokes.


 Quest Hubs Quest Hubs Spoke Offset
The Jocassees are built on the highly rated Quest hubs. Weighing in at 120 grams front and 245 grams rear, the Quest features a centerlock design and quick 5 degree engagement The spoke nipples are offset by 2.8mm which allows for more even spoke tension between right and left side of the wheel.


Inner Width: 26mm
Depth: 25mm
Spoke Offset: 2.8mm

Front Spoke Count: 24 (2x lacing pattern)
Rear Spoke Count: 28 (2x lacing pattern)

Front weight: 575 grams (650b) / 605 grams (700c)
Rear weight: 725 grams (650b) / 745 grams (700c)
Set weight: 1300 grams (650b) / 1350 grams (700c)

Wheels come with tubeless tape and valves installed

Price: $825 front / $925 rear / $1750 set



The Jocassee wheels are handbuilt in Greenville, SC, feature a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects, and come with a lifetime crash replacement program.

Boyd Cycling's carbon gravel wheels are located at:



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