Boyd Cycling. Senate Small Business of the Week!

We are honored to receive such an announcement. Thank you Senator Scott and the committee for naming Boyd Cycling the Senate Small Business of the Week! 

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                        RECOGNIZING BOYD CYCLING

  Mr. SCOTT. Mr. President, as a member of U.S. Senate Committee 
on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, it is my honor to recognize a 
unique small business for its tremendous contributions to the local 
economy. Small businesses drive our Nation's economic expansion, 
generate lasting job growth, and encourage community development. This 
week, it is my honor to recognize Boyd Cycling of Greenville, SC, as 
the Senate Small Business of the Week.
Boyd Johnson, a former competitive cyclist, originally founded Boyd Cycling under the name Boyd Bikes in September of 2009. Charged by a mission of quality and service, Boyd set out to produce and sell various bike products in the Greenville area. About 3 months into the operation, Boyd's Bikes began to grow dramatically, and Boyd's wife Nicole joined as a partner of the business. Boyd and Nicole are a prime example of how a leap of faith, coupled with hard work, can pay off.
Boyd Bikes initially offered wheels, bike frames, handlebars, and other accessories, but the Johnsons quickly realized that their competitive advantage was their handcrafted wheels made out of carbon fiber and alloy. By 2011, Boyd and Nicole decided to focus directly on specializing in bike wheels and changed the name of the business to Boyd Cycling.
In addition to focusing on bike wheels, Boyd and Nicole decided to shake up their business model. Originally, Boyd Cycling focused primarily on direct-to-consumer sales. Wanting to expand their business, Boyd and Nicole reached out to the Spartanburg Area Small Business Development Center, SBDC, a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration, and received business counseling and exporting advice. Eventually, Boyd Cycling began selling their products to bike shops around the country in addition to their own website. By staying committed to high quality and low pricing, the Johnsons have been able to avoid undercutting their retail clients while diversifying their income stream. In turn, this has enabled them to export their products globally and now currently distribute to over 15 countries.
A seasoned cyclist, Boyd spends time carefully designing each product the company offers. Once a product is developed, Boyd Cycling contracts manufacturing out to different firms domestically and internationally. Boyd maintains rigorous standards when contracting with every manufacturing firm that the company uses, making sure to implement quality controls on materials and construction methods.
Boyd Cycling's dedication to quality has not gone unnoticed. They have received national media coverage, excellent customer reviews, and numerous awards. In 2017 and 2019, Boyd and Nicole were named the U.S. Small Business Administration's Exporter of the Year for South Carolina. This award recognizes small business owners for their success and commitment to exporting goods or services. Boyd Cycling also supports various philanthropies in their community including Meals on Wheels, the Alzheimers Foundation, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Miracle Hill, Upstate Forever, and Global Bike. Their community involvement has been a key to their success as Greenville has become a bustling hub for the recreational biking community.
Boyd and Nicole truly embody the entrepreneurial and community spirit. From its humble beginnings, Boyd has grown into a respectable player in the industry while maintaining a commitment to customer service and product quality. I am honored to recognize the Johnsons and the entire team at Boyd Cycling as the Senate Small Business of the Week. You make South Carolina proud, and I look forward to watching your continued growth and success.


Our business, now 10 years strong, has traveled 1,000s of miles. Both product placement, design, testing, in addition to happily ridden miles. We are both honored and pleased to achieve such an award. 



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