We adopted 2 trails at Paris Mountain State Park!

That's right, 2 trails! Who's ready for workdays? 

Check out what we are up to at Boyd Cycling. Thanks to Upstate Sorba, we have adopted the right side of Kanuga (aka Flowy) and Fire Tower (Descent) at Paris Mountain State Park as part of the 2020 Upstate Sorba Trail Work Program.


We are extremely excited to be a part of this great program and we have video! Check out Brad walking up the trails as we give a preview of what we are doing. 


We have committed to 4 workdays for the year, with the 1st one coming in April. We will give more details here on the Boyd Blog showing what we will be doing, times, location, etc. 


If you have not already, make sure to click subscribe to our Youtube Channel while you are watching the video! 

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