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3 weeks left to register for our gravel event!

3 weeks left to register for our gravel event!

There are only three weeks left to register for our gravel event in Sumter National Forest! There is a 38 mile route and a 68 mile route. Both routes start at 10am from Clinton High School. You can pre-ride the course (which a few people have already done – see facebook for their commentary). Here’s what they had to say about the ride and a few FAQ’s about the event.

Q: How can I register?
A: Register on There are several classes to choose from.

Q: Is there day of registration?
A: Yes, but there is a $5 day-of fee surcharge.

Q: What tire size do you recommend?
A: 700×38 mm tubeless gravel tires are ideal for this event. 650bx47 will also work great #supplelife. Lower volume (aka skinny) tires may work, provided they’re setup tubeless, but it’s not going to be a comfortable day. Either way, bring supplies to fix flats. If sealant doesn’t heal the puncture, try a tire plug kit before you switch to an innertube.

Q: What’s the route like?
A: 50% paved roads and 50% gravel roads. There is a 2.5 mi police escort from the high school and the finish is 7 miles from the parking lot. This way the race event ends in on a long stretch of gravel road and everyone can enjoy the short ride back to the parking lot.

Q: Why is the finish line not at the start line?
A: In order to have the best finish (one that comes after an awesome 7 mile section of gravel), we decided to have the finish on road with no traffic in the safest possible place. There is just over 1 mile of pavement after the 7 miles of gravel, so if you are in a group you don’t have to worry about sprinting on a gravel road. The 68 mile route does not include this 7 mile stretch, but it’s a very easy ride back on pavement.

Q: I heard there was a river crossing. What?!?!
A: There is indeed one river crossing. It’s smooth sailing, but keep your feet dry by rocking crank back and forth across the water at a low speed. The only other mud water crossing could be under the I-26 overpass.

Q: Is the course marked?
A: Yes, both the 38 and 68 mile routes are marked, but this area is remote – so come prepared with the routes loaded on a gps device.
68 mile route is here:
38 mile route is here:

Q: Let’s talk about food. Will there be any?
A: There will be food and drink at the finish line, but there is no rest stop on either route. Come prepared with enough food and drink.

Q: Where do we park?
A: Parking is at Clinton High School – 8132 SC-72, Clinton, SC 29325

Comment here or on our Facebook event page if you have any more questions about the ride! We can’t wait to do the ride with everyone!

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