Rouleur Alloy Clincher Front Wheel

Rouleur Alloy Clincher Front Wheel


Hand Craftsmanship everyone can afford.

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Warranty: 2 Years

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Rouleur Alloy – Hand Craftsmanship Everyone Can Afford

Find out what a difference a hand-crafted wheel can make on your bike with a pair of Rouleurs! Designed as an everyday training wheel or upgrade to wheels normally found on stock bikes, this wallet friendly wheel contains all of the features found on our other alloy wheelsets. It’s just a little bit narrower and heavier than the Altamont, and without the tubeless rim bed, but a little less expensive. It’s the ultimate value upgrade.

Additional information

Front Axle

Quick Release

What's Included

Quick Release Skewers (selected axle configuration), Rim Strips



Lacing Pattern


Brake Type

Front Spoke Count

85 Road Hub (20 hole), 85 Road Hub (24 hole)

Rim Type

Wheel Size

Product Weight


External Width


Internal Width


Rim Depth



The Rouleur rim gets a complete makeover. Now at 21mm wide and 28mm deep, this rim is suited to handle both 23mm and 25mm tires. At only 465 grams for the rim, this helps to make the Rouleur a fairly lightweight set as well.


New for 2016 we have changed to a welded seam on the Rouleur. The welded seam makes for an extremely strong connection where the rim joins itself. It also provides very smooth and consistent braking without any seam hitting the brake pads. Welded seams helps to make the strongest possible rim, and for a budget friendly wheel set to have a welded seam. . . it's a big deal!


In part of making a complete wheel system, we wanted to have the highest quality hubs come standard on the wheels. We have a CNC factory produce the hubs for us to our specification to ensure you will have the stiffest, most stable, and best engaging hubs on the market. Hubs can be one of the best ways to increase the stiffness of the wheels. If you think of a wheel as a triangle instead of a circle, the spokes have a base at the hub and come to a point at the rim. By increasing the base of this triangle you are making for a sturdier object, which translates directly to a stiffer wheel. Our hubs have some of the widest flange spacing on the market, which combined with the strength of the rims, help to make for an incredibly well responding and stiff wheelset. Hub stability is something that is often overlooked, but is felt immediately when standing (such as when sprinting or climbing). To accomplish higher stability the bearings were also moved out as far as possible on the axle. Many hubs have a long end cap on the non-drive side with the bearing quite far from the edge of the hub. By supporting the non-drive side bearing and moving it out to the edge of the axle, the wheel stability is greatly increased. 


The Rouleurs feature laser etched logos on the rim for a cool off white metallic look. The graphics are updated for 2016 with the name of the model now showing on the rim.


20 Spoke Count Front - 695 grams 24 Spoke Count Front - 721 grams


External Brass Nipples Sapim Race Round Double Butted Spokes Double Cross both sides on rear wheel Free Rim strips (NOT tubeless compatible) Free Skewers


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