Pinnacle CX Rear Wheel

Pinnacle CX Rear Wheel

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Designed around a tubeless, hookless rim profile, the Pinnacle uses a wide rim inner diameter (23.4mm) for a perfect traction-embracing lightbulbed tire profile, ideally for gravel and cyclocross tires between 32-40mm in width, as well as higher volume 28mm tubeless road tires. Like the Jocassee, it uses a 36mm rim depth, giving the wheel far more aerodynamic aptitude than a comparable mountain bike hoop at the higher speeds typical of a gravel race. Because the Pinnacle is a disc-specific wheel, we’ve been able to shed a few grams at the rim itself, reducing rotating mass without compromising safety, and the wheel’s unique 2.8mm offset amplifies spoke balance under heavy load.

The end result of our gravel-driven tweaks and refinements? The perfect no-compromise wheel for the tubeless cyclocross, gravel, and high volume tubeless road tires!

The Pinnacle hookless set weighs in at 1560 grams built with the Boyd Cycling Quest disc brake hubs.


Warranty: 2 Years

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It seems like only yesterday that cyclocross racing was the accessible darling of every blog, hipster, and handbuilder, bound to make competitive cycling a mass-participation sport. Then came the advent of gravel, and everyone forgot about Belgium’s native sport. But us? We haven’t yet forgotten the taste of blood in our mouths on the final run-up of the last lap. What we have wanted to forget? Rolling a tire off the rim in the critical corner right afterward. Cross racing puts unique demands on tires, glue bonds, and traction, some that are afforded only by the ultra-low pressures riders can run with tubulars, and owing to this we set to work creating the ultimate CX racing wheel – the Pinnacle CX.

Based on our all-new Pinnacle tubeless rim, we created a tubular version with a 32mm radius rim bed to give perfect edge-to-edge tire gluing. The massive surface area gives enormous adhesion and peace of mind when PSIs are dwindling into the single digits on sloppy race courses, keeping tires from slipping off the rim while offering superb traction in terrible conditions. At 36mm deep, the 400g Pinnacle CX’s rim depth offers added aerodynamics and mud shedding you’d need in a cross race, along with plenty of acceleration and stiffness balanced by an offset rim design.

The Pinnacle CX set weighs in at 1475 grams built with the Boyd Cycling Quest disc brake hubs.
MSRP: $1500 for the set


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