Jocassee Gravel 650b Front Wheel

Jocassee Gravel 650b Front Wheel


650b Gravel, Go faster and Farther into the Heart of Adventure.

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Designed for high volume 47mm tires

When we decided to develop a gravel specific wheelset, we knew we had to develop every aspect from the ground up. We didn’t just want to re-purpose a mtb wheelset or cyclocross wheelset that would work ok for gravel riding. When Boyd first started riding gravel, it was on a road bike with 25mm tires. Then a cyclocross bike was used with 28mm tires, then 32mm, 38mm, and eventually 40mm. Each time the tire size increased, the bike geometry and gear ratio changed. The traction was better, but the handling was worse.

So the thought began to shrink the wheel, and increase the tire size. Using a 650b X 47mm tire you have the same outside tire diameter as a 700c road tire. So for your gravel bike you can run the 650b gravel tires for off road riding, and swap to 700c road wheels for road group rides and nothing changes with the geometry or gear ration on the bike.

Once we knew we wanted to develop around the 47mm tire size, we started looking at the tire pressures that would be run. Going off a suggested 34 to 38PSI we looked at tire shape, deflection, and handling to determine the ideal 24mm inner width on a tubeless, hookless rim bed.

Gravel events take place at higher speeds and you are spending a lot of the time above 18mph. At those speeds, aero forces really come into play so we developed an aero 36mm deep rim profile. A 2.9mm rim offset helps to even out spoke tension for a more well balance wheel.

Put all this together with our Quest centerlock hubs (or the upgraded White Industries CLD hubs), built with Sapim CX Ray spokes, and external brass nipples and you have the ideal gravel wheelset, developed specifically for the demands you will encounter in your gravel rides.

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Front Spoke Count

Quest Hub (24 hole)



Front Axle

12mm X 100mm thru axle, 15mm X 100mm thru axle, Quick Release

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  1. I love my Jocassee wheels! They are light, strong and look awesome. I enjoy not having to deal with toe overlap, since the 650b wheel size allows for a larger volume tire to keep the overall diameter similar to a 700x30c tire size. I look forward to taking these wheels on epic adventures.

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Jocassee 650B Road Plus Wheels from Boyd Cycling: For the Gravel Grinder Inside Us AllThere’s a growing epidemic of disturbing behavior on the rise among roadies. We’ve all seen the signs. First, a training ride mate is a no-show; the next day, he appears wearing the telltale stupid grin and suspicious evidence on the back of the seat tube, coating his tires and packed in his cleats. At first, rumors will spread throughout the peloton in hushed whispers. Then, his absences will become more frequent. Some may try to ignore it, making believe nothing’s wrong, others will confront him intervention-style, pointing to the strange Strava data. But they’ll get sucked in too. This is serious. Things are getting out of hand. Something has to be done. There must be a cure.Let’s get this over with up front; we can’t hide it any longer. We’ve gotten sucked in too; we’re one of them. In fact, this dirt fetish happened to Boyd… first time was on a road bike with 25mm tires riding around Jocassee when no one was around, next thing he was on a cross bike with 28s, then 32s, and eventually 40mm tires. That’s when he came up with the idea of changing the wheels’ geometry and started developing the Jocassee 65BB, so the geometry would be the same whether he was riding the bike on a road group ride or in the mountainous gravel roads of Jocassee. Now you know the team at Boyd Wheels loves gravel grinding! Sure, we’re biased, but gravel riding isn’t a disease or deviant behavior, it’s become a healthy new addiction, availing freedom and enjoyment for cyclists of all stripes looking to expand their horizons and skillsets. And, with our new Jocassee 650B Road Plus wheels, we’ve got the panacea you need to feel normal again. More than normal. Amazing, actually. Sure, go ahead, call us enablers.When your symptoms start cropping up, the number one challenge you’ll face won’t be hiding your little problem from friends, it’ll be finding the right combo of wheels and tires to outfit your frame for this new vice you’ve adopted. Road bikes, with their skinny tires are no match for the highs you’ll be experiencing. Some say, “Just use ‘cross tires,” but those just don’t work well on the road.So, of course, gravel-specific tires were designed to address this newfound need to have tires that perform well on pavement but can withstand the demands of rough gravel roads or even big, bad rocks. As the tires evolved, people started realizing that the larger the tire, the better the handling and puncture protection was. So, the tire sizes grew from 700 X 28 to 32, then 38, and now some out there people, like Boyd, are running 700 X 40 for gravel. This evolution toward wider tires has come with a nasty side effect: Changing the geometry of the bike for the worse. Handling and responsiveness declined; a real problem.From the darkest corners of Boyd’s secret basement laboratory, a solution has risen: Jocassee 650B Road Plus WheelsWe’ve cleverly converted the standard 700C wheel size to a 650B to outfit a much larger tire (usually in the 45-50mm range) because the outside diameter of a 650B X 47mm tire will be the same as a 700C with a road tire.  Voila! The Rx you’ve needed, in just the right dosage. This restores the nimble responsiveness of the bike, while allowing for use of a tire that dampens vibrations and handles well in any situation. Take two of these and go grinding in the morning. Now your road bike can enjoy being naughty and nice. Use a 700C tire setup with disc wheels for your nice road rides, then swap over to Jocassee 650B wheels with gravel tires and keep the exact same geometry for a bit of naughty dirtiness. Boyd Jocassee 650B Road Plus wheels give you the best of both worlds.The demands of riding on gravel are unique. Aero comes into play as the speeds are often high enough for an aero advantage. Many times the “roads” lead into mountainous terrain where weight savings can also be a factor. Blazing down those same hills, you’ll need larger tires to accommodate cornering at 40 mph on loose packed gravel roads.It’s ok, we understand your affliction … There is nothing wrong with a gravel specific wheel.The new Jocassee 650B Road Plus wheel from Boyd Cycling is the optimal prescription for facing your off-road addiction head on.You can finally embrace the filthy urges growing inside. The rim is a 24mm wide internal, 650B carbon rim with a tubeless, hookless rim bed, offset rim profile, 36mm deep aero rim shape that only weighs 430-grams for the rim. Simply put, it’s the perfect formulation of aero, weight and tire interface to extract sinful fun out of your gravel riding and racing bike.Rim specs:24mm wide – This fits the 45-50mm tires perfectly, creating a secure interface and the ideal shape for tire to rim interface. Tire handling will be optimized.36mm deep – With a nice aero profile and rim shape designed to help crosswind stability. Lots of the riding on gravel events takes place at speeds that still call for an aero benefit.2.9mm offset rim – This helps with evening out the spoke tension for a more balanced wheel. The rim will face one direction for the front and the opposite direction for the rear, giving the best responsiveness and durability.Tubeless hookless rim bed – The larger 650B tires are perfect to run tubeless for added protection when grinding on the rocks of a gnarly gravel road. The hookless rim allows for a wider internal width, and added strength (and impact protection) when riding over rocks. Increase your protection against flat tires, have the ability to run lower tire pressure for better handling by running the wheel tire combo tubeless.430-gram rim weight – This feathery weight gives a nice lightweight wheelset (only 1550 grams for the set built on our Quest hubs). Accelerate and hold your speed with a great combination of weight, aero, and crosswind handling.The Boyd Jocassee 650B Road Plus Wheels are the cure for all afflictions of gravel riding on a 650B road plus setup. Get your fix at a Boyd Cycling dealer near you or call for a discrete consultation with a gravel doctor at boydcycling.comTubeless Ready and Available July 1st!

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