Altamont Alloy Clincher Rear Disc Wheel

Altamont Alloy Clincher Rear Disc Wheel


Bomb proof aerodynamic wheels. Snappy and responsive handling, perfect for fast rides on the road, gravel and cyclocross.

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Altamont – Bomb proof all around alloy wheel set.

Like a cheese burger and beer, hand crafted alloy Altamonts are always good. Our 30mm alloy wheel is deep enough to provide significant aero advantage, wide enough to properly seat 28mm tires and light enough to still be snappy and responsive. Welded and ground seams provides exceptional braking performance. Extra deep anodization hardens and strengthens the rim. The result is a wheelset perfect for training, racing or general performance riding.

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Brake Type

Product Weight




Lacing Pattern

Three-Cross (32 hole), Two-Cross

Rim Material

Rear Spoke Count

Quest (28 hole), Quest (32 hole)


Campagnolo, Shimano / Sram, SRAM XD

Rear Axle

12mm X 135mm thru axle, 12mm X 142mm thru axle, Quick Release

Rim Type

Wheel Size

External Width


Internal Width


Rim Depth


938 grams - 28 Spoke Count rear - Quest Centerlock Hub 958 grams - 32 Spoke Count rear - Quest Centerlock HubThe 2016 Altamont wheelset gets a makeover from the previous version. We kept the great rim width and depth as the previous model Altamont, but made some exciting changes to the rim to give a better ride. We have introduced these changes to both the new Altamont and Altamont Lite, so you now have a choice depending on whether weight or aerodynamics are more important to you.


The 2016 Altamont disc brake rim features a new tubeless rim bed profile with a bead locking shape. This is specifically designed to lock in lower pressure tubeless tires and prevent burping. If you are running tubeless cyclocross ties or gravel tires, you can be confident they will hold air at the lower pressures. The wide center channel allows for side by side bead mounting (not stacked like with a narrow rounded center channel). This makes for much easier mounting and inflation; no more breaking tire levers and relying on an air compressor for inflation!! Of course, clincher tube and tire systems work perfectly with the new Altamonts. If you are not running tubeless, your favorite tire can still be used flawlessly.Adding the Tubeless Kit: The tubeless kit above will include our new (blue) tubeless tape and tubeless valves pre-installed on the wheels! We will install two layers of the tubeless tape in the exact width you need for your wheels. We will also include and install two of our tubeless valves in the exact length needed for your wheels. Take the guess work out of converting to tubeless and let us do it for you. Note: you will still need a tubeless specific tire and sealant to run the wheels as a tubeless system.


Disc brakes are making their way to the road, joining cross and mountain biking. With the disc brakes, you have solid predictable braking in any weather condition. Use you carbon wheels in any terrain or weather conditions and still come to a stop safely.Our disc brake hubs feature:
  • Wide flange spacing for a solid stiff wheelset
  • Double crossing the spokes on both front and rear wheels for better torque handling
  • Configuration to any axle "standard"
  • Front hub - QR 100mm, 100mm X 15mm thru, 100mm X 12mm thru
  • Rear hub - QR 135mm, 135mm X 12mm thru, 142mm X 12mm thru
  • Very quick and solid engagement so you have no lag when starting to pedal
  • Oversize 6902 bearings to hold up to even the harshest of conditions


The inside width of the rim gets a bit wider for 2016 and now sits at 19.86mm. This increase in width allows for a much better tire shape. The better tire shape improves handling, aerodynamics, and vibration dampening due to increased air volume. The new rims were specifically designed around a 25mm tire. Of course, 23mm tires all the way up to cross tires work incredibly well with the new Altamonts. The rim shape is slightly modified from the previous version of the Altamont. The new rim does take on a more rounded shape, for better aerodynamics and a stiffer overall rim.


New for 2016 we have changed to a welded seam on the Altamont and Altamont Lite. The welded seam makes for an extremely strong connection where the rim joins itself. It also provides very smooth and consistent braking without any seam hitting the brake pads. Welded seams helps to make the strongest possible rim.


It's more than just a cosmetic finish (although it does look very cool!). The rims go through a round of bead blasting before getting anodized. This allows more anodization to seep into the rim, which helps to create a stronger and stiffer rim. This gives a sleek matte finish with an extra layer of strength for each rim.


The past couple years we have been laser etching the logos on the Altamont. While laser etching certainly does give a unique finish, we were limited to only an off white metallic color. We now have a water transfer decal, baked into the rim. We are able to offer a nice mix of pop and stealth to the new Altamonts. Light gray (semi stealth) logos display on the side of each rim, with a white, newly revised, Altamont logo at the valve. Lets face it, looking good is half the battle and so having a wheelset that performs and looks great was definitely a priority.


External Brass Nipples Double Cross both sides on rear wheel Free Rim strips (NOT tubeless compatible) Free Skewers


There is never a bad time to use the AltamontsUse these for any terrain, any type of riding, and weather condition


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