Ready2Ride Gravel

Ready2Ride Gravel

From: $60.00 $45.00

Let us install new tires, cassette and rotors on your new wheels. They will ship inside the Boyd double wheelbag and arrive ready to ride, right out of the box!


Install New Tires (pair) – optional

Let us install new tires on your new wheels. Choose your size. Sold in pairs.

Install New Cassette – optional

Let us install a new cassette on your new wheels. Choose your gearing.

Install New Rotors (pair) – optional

Let us install new rotors on your new wheels. Choose your sizes. Sold in pairs.

Double Wheelbag

Transport and protect your wheels in style. Easily carry your favorite wheelset without damaging them in the process thanks to the padded interior, with enough room for 29" wheels inflated.

$60.00 $45.00

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Get your wheels completely set up with tires, cassette, and rotors! They will ship inside a double wheelbag, and will be ready to put on your bike and Ready2Ride! The listing here is to add a gravel set up to an already purchased set of wheels. You must have the wheels in your cart to purchase the Ready2Ride package.

All wheel will ship inside a double wheelbag. Double wheelbags retail for $60, but we are doing the bundle at reduced price of $45.


We are using the Shimano RT-99 rotors for the Ready2Ride package. This is Shimano’s top of the line rotor. The ICE Technologies takes the innovative 3-layer clad rotor to the next level by adding radiator fins. The new SM-RT99 rotor is the most effective heat management rotor ever produced by Shimano. You MUST know which rotor size your bike has for both the front and rear.


The options for the cassettes are the Shimano Ultegra 6800 series in two sizes OR  the Shimano XT M8000 series in two different sizing configurations. For riders using a double chainring up front the Ultegra 11-28  or 11-32 cassette are great options. The 11-40, and 11-42 work great for the new 1X set up. At this time we only have options for Shimano. If you are running a Sram XD driver on the wheels then you will have to purchase an XD cassette elsewhere and you can leave this option blank.


The Gravel tire selection can be a little complicated, but we will do our best to simplify it.

If you are choosing the Jocassee Gravel specific wheels (awesome choice!), that wheelset takes a 650b (a.k.a. 27.5) tire size. For that we have two options available, both by WTB.

The WTB Horizion is the original 650b gravel tire. It measures 47mm wide, and is surprisingly fast on the pavement! The tire is a slick the whole way around with no tread, however the volume of the tire gives good traction on gravel roads. . .as long as it’s dry. In any sort of muddy conditions, the WTB Horizon does not have any nobs to handle this. For a mixed surface event taking place both pavement and dirt/gravel, the Horizon is an amazing tire!

The WTB Byway is a newer tire that measures 650b X 47mm wide and it’s very similar to the Horizon, but there is some smaller nobs on the side of the tire. This helps considerably with traction in wet conditions! The Byway is still a very fast tire on pavement conditions. For a tire that can handle a larger variety of gravel conditions with a small sacrifice in pavement speed, the Horizon is a great option. I would choose this if you plan to leave the tire on the wheel for every ride (no matter what conditions).

ALL Jocassee Gravel Ready2Ride packages will be set up tubeless. The wheels will have our tubeless tape and valves installed and the tires will come with the Tickled Pink sealant inside the tire.

If you are choosing tires for any other wheel besides the Jocassee, then you will need to run a 700c sized tire. For that we have chosen the Hutchinson Overide tires in both a 700X35 and 700X38mm option.

The Overide is suited to dry and hard packed situations, although we have personally ridden them down some very wet and gnarly “roads” in the Greenville area. A slick center section with no tread helps to ensure a quick running tire while riding on the pavement. Increasing deep tread as you move towards the side means the harder you turn, the more the tire grips on loose terrain. The 700x38mm size is definitely a better option for all types of terrain and conditions. The 700X35mm size is good for mixed surface events where more time could be spent on pavement. Also, a lot of people are asking their cyclocross bike to pull double duty and be used on gravel as well. A lot of older style cyclocross bikes may not have the clearance to run a 700X38mm tire, so the 35mm is a good option there. Please measure your bike to ensure proper fit!

For the 700c Gravel Ready2Ride, you have the option of running tubeless or with a butyl inner tube!

If on your wheel selection you choose NOT to set the wheels up tubeless, then we will install with butyl inner tubes with the correct length valves for the wheels you are ordering.

If on your wheel selection you choose YES to set the wheels up tubeless, the wheels will have our tubeless tape and valves installed and the tires will come with the Tickled Pink sealant inside the tire.

Simply take the wheels out of the double wheelbag, put them on your bike, and go riding within minutes!

Additional information

Install New Cassette


Shimano Ultegra R8000 11X28, Shimano Ultegra R8000 11X32, Shimano XT M8000 11X40, Shimano XT M8000 11X42



Install New Rotors (pair)



Front Rotors

Shimano RT-99 140mm, Shimano RT-99 160mm, Shimano RT-99 180mm

Rear Rotors

Shimano RT-99 140mm, Shimano RT-99 160mm, Shimano RT-99 180mm

Double Wheelbag


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