Centerlock Rotor Shim (4 pack)

Centerlock Rotor Shim (4 pack)


Fine-tune the alignment of your brake rotors to make it easier to swap between different brands of wheelsets without having to align the brake caliper every time. Four per order, .25mm thick.


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These disc brake shims install between the rotor and centerlock disc brake hub allowing you to fine-tune the alignment of the braking surface. Shims are commonly used when swapping between different brands of wheelsets, so that you don’t have to re-align the caliper on the frame. We recommend a maximum of four per hub. They are .25mm thick, four per order. Pre-cut for easy installation.

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  1. Really glad I found these shims. I can switch out my road and gravel wheels now in under a minute with no brake adjustment. And even if they’re not advertised for the purpose, they shimmed my Shimano cassettes as well, so now my trainer wheel and other two wheelsets all shift identically without touching the derailleur adjustment. Pretty sweet.

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