Trailblazer 29er (700c) Rim


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Trailblazer 29er (700c) Rim
Trailblazer 29er (700c) Rim
Trailblazer 29er (700c) Rim
Trailblazer 29er (700c) Rim
Trailblazer 29er (700c) Rim
Trailblazer 29er (700c) Rim
Trailblazer 29er (700c) Rim
Trailblazer 29er (700c) Rim
Trailblazer 29er (700c) Rim

The Ultra-light carbon XC rim that pulls double duty as a nimble gravel rim.

Minimum tire size 32mm. Max PSI 65 

With a modern internal width of 26mm, this hookless rim mates perfectly with fast rolling cross-country tires ranging from 2.1” to 2.4” and gravel tires from 32mm and up. 

The ultra-light, yet durable, 370-gram rim (370 gram/29er; 340 gram/27.5) measures 26mm internal, featuring a 2.8mm offset rim bed for better tension balance and a more responsive wheel build.

For more extreme terrain, the 30mm Ridgeline Enduro wheels are a perfect pick.



Cross Country mountain bikers and gravel racers will both lust after the nimble, yet durable wheelset. If your events have you looking for a weight advantage while still riding off the pavement, the Trailblazer is the option for you.

TrailBlazer: is it a mountain bike or gravel wheelset?

With wider and similar widths on today’s modern day cross-country and gravel tires, the TrailBlazer rim effectively pulls double duty. The rim is strong enough to be ridden on mountain bike trails, gravel roads, and for cyclocross. Due to the fact, however, that most current mountain bikes and gravel bikes having different dropout width standards, the Trailblazer rim will be most often used as a mountain bike wheel with Boost spacing and a gravel or cyclocross wheel with standard 100mm front and 142mm rear spacing.


 Your mountain bike races are won on the uphills, not a timed segment downhill. Going lighter without sacrificing rim width and durability is key to better performance. On the gravel side, your gravel events feature more terrain than speed. Having a rim that handles the 35mm+ gravel tires, while giving you the impact protection of a strong hookless carbon rim. You are already gaining weight with a larger tire, offset that with a lighter wheel!

Spoke Count

Front Wheel:
          • 24 spoke front (weight limit 240 pounds gravel use)
          • 24 spoke front (weight limit 185 pounds MTB use)
Rear Wheel:
          • 28 spoke rear (weight limit 240 pounds gravel use)
          • 28 spoke rear (weight limit 185 pounds MTB use)

Rim Type

Tubeless Ready Hookless Clincher

Wheel Size

29er (700c) and 27.5 (650b)



Brake Type

Disc Brake

Rim Weights

365g rear 29er (700c)
340g rear 27.5 (650b)

External Width


Internal Width


Rim Depth