Pinnacle Hookless Rim


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Gravel rides and equipment are all the rage. With the Pinnacle Hookless. Boyd Cycling proudly is at the front of the Gravel Revolution. A 700c Carbon Wheel, The Pinnacle Hookless is competition ready, designed ideally for gravel and cyclocross tires between 32-42mm in width. This is designed to be a stiff and responsive wheelset. Because the Pinnacle is a disc-specific wheel, we’ve been able to shed a few grams at the rim itself, reducing rotating mass without compromising safety, and the wheel’s unique 2.8mm offset amplifies spoke balance under heavy load.


Ideal for gravel rides and mixed surface racing, the Pinnacle Hookless is a purpose-built, low pressure wheelset for all of your perfect rock path and gravel adventures. Take the wheel for a ride straight from your door to the woods, Bikepacking weekends, and your local gravel events. 

The Pinnacle Hookless is the perfect no-compromise wheel for tubeless gravel, cyclocross, and other high volume, low pressure tubeless tires! If you have a single bike to do it all, and do not have the room to run a fat 650B tire, this is your wheel!

Spoke Count

  24 spoke front
 28 spoke rear

Rim Type

Tubeless Only Hookless Clincher (65PSI Max)

Wheel Size


Brake Type

Disc Brake

Rim Weight

450 grams

External Width


Internal Width


Rim Depth