Jocassee Gravel 650b Front Wheel


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Jocassee Gravel 650b Front Wheel
Jocassee Gravel 650b Front Wheel
Jocassee Gravel 650b Front Wheel

NEW in 2021!
Tubeless Valves Included
Abec-5 Bearings

650b Gravel, Go faster and Farther into the Heart of Adventure.

Designed for high volume 47mm tires

Imagine this. It’s Friday, you are in your office staring at the computer for 2 more hours and your buddies are planning a ride in the woods. You just got a new gravel bike because everyone in your circle is ditching road bikes and jumping off of the beaten path. We have your wheel set for that adventure, the Jocassee!

This isn’t just another repurposed wheel set that would just work for Gravel, we started fresh. See, we rode gravel on 25mm tires at 1st, then jumped up from 28mm eventually to 40mm. Each time the tire size increased, the bike geometry and gear ratio changed. The traction was better, but the handling was worse. Using a 650b X 47mm tire you have the same outside tire diameter as a 700c road tire. So for your gravel bike you can run the 650b gravel tires for off road riding, and swap to 700c road wheels for road group rides and nothing changes with the geometry or gear ratio on the bike. Throw in our Quest centerlock hubs, Pillar Wing 20 spokes, external brass nipples and you have the ideal gravel wheel set, built to withstand your hardest rides on your most adventurous weekends!

A lightweight Gravel Wheel that roll really fast due to the larger footprint of tire contact. It’s designed for the low pressure/big volume 650B tire which is going to have a stronger sideway which will increase stability. This setup is extremely fun to ride, very responsive, and much more plush. This is a great wheel for someone who wants to have a really fun and comfortable ride on rocks or road! A great wheel to run a 47-48mm semi slick or a knobby 40-42mm.

If you are experiencing toe-overlap with your current setup or you are on stock wheels, this is a great upgrade. If you want to have more comfort on your rides, or are looking for the ultimate responsive feel in sand, gravel, or broken path, the Jocassee 650B is your next wheel. 

Spoke Count

Front Wheel: 
          • 24 spoke front
Rear Wheel:
          • 28 spoke rear

Rim Type

Tubeless Only Hookless Clincher (65PSI Max)

Wheel Size




Lacing Pattern

2X both sides front
2X both sides rear

Brake Type

Disc Brake

Hubs Quest Disc Brake Hubs
Bearings Enduro Abec-5 LLB/LLU
Spokes Pillar Wing 20
Nipples Pillar DSN double square brass nipple
Wheel Weights

690g front
840g rear

External Width


Internal Width


Rim Depth


What's Included

• Tubeless Rim Tape Installed
• Tubeless Valves Installed