90mm Clincher Rim


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90mm Clincher Rim
90mm Clincher Rim
90mm Clincher Rim
90mm Clincher Rim
90mm Clincher Rim
90mm Clincher Rim
90mm Clincher Rim
90mm Clincher Rim
90mm Clincher Rim

Our most aero rim ever! Designed for situations where aerodynamics are most important. The 90mm rim is 25mm wide, with a 17mm internal width. This is still a nice wide rim profile, but not quite as wide as some of our other carbons or alloys. The reason for this is to "pinch" the tire a little bit more for better head on aerodynamics. Also, chances are you are not running 28mm tires or larger gravel tires on the 90mm depth so we could optimize it for that 23/25mm tire set up. Forget going to the Time Trial and losing at max-effort by a few seconds. These are your cheat code!

Built for the boards of Ghent and the Tarmac of Kona, 90’s are for when every second counts. Our most aero of rims create negative drag pushing you forward in certain wind conditions. Slightly narrower than our other carbon rims, the 90mm clincher is optimized for narrower profile, aerodynamic tire combinations found in TT, Triathlons and Track Racing.

Go fast or go home! Hold the torch at the front of the pack rolling 30mph on our 90’s chasing those segments and leaderboards! We developed this rim for your speed dreams. Leave nothing on the table. The Boyd Cycling 90mm Clincher is what you need if you are speed obsessed and looking to make your mark on the clock!

Spoke Count

Front Wheel: 
          • 16 spoke front (180 pounds and under)
          • 20 spoke front (over 180 pounds)
Rear Wheel:
          • 20 spoke rear (180 pounds and under)
          • 20 spoke rear (over 180 pounds)

Rim Type

Tubeless Ready Clincher

Wheel Size


Brake Type

Rim Brake

Rim Weight 690 Grams
External Width


Internal Width


Rim Depth


What's Included

• Onyx Carbon Brake Pads