28mm Clincher Rim


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28mm Clincher Rim
28mm Clincher Rim
28mm Clincher Rim
28mm Clincher Rim

Do you live where there just are no flat roads? No problems here, let’s go climbing! The 28mm clincher is your ultra-lightweight rim out of the Boyd compound.

Climbers will love this rim! I mean, what’s not to love? A lightweight carbon fiber rim designed for wider tires and strength not only for climbing, but also a fast descent! 

Oh just lighten up! When the tarmac points to the sky, arm yourself with the ultimate weapon – Boyd 28mm carbons. We also know that which goes up, must come down so we made sure these svelte rims still had the width for wider tires and the strength for all out descents! When every gram counts, count on these.

Spoke Count

          • 20 spoke front (180 pounds and under)
          • 24 spoke front (over 180 pounds)
          • 24 spoke rear (180 pounds and under)
          • 28 spoke rear (over 180 pounds)

Rim Type

Tubeless Ready Clincher

Wheel Size


Brake Type

Rim Brake

Rim Weight

400 Grams

External Width


Internal Width


Rim Depth


What's Included

• Onyx Carbon Brake Pads