Pinnacle Series

The Pinnacle Series was built specifically for disc brakes and tailored to the demands of road, gravel and cyclocross. Proving once again that it’s on the inside that counts, the Pinnacle uses the same computer fluid dynamic (CFD) designed outer shape for all three models.

36 Road Disc
for low-volume & high-pressure 60+ psi tubeless or tubed tires

First in the 36RD’s palmares is its width: Using an enormous 22mm inner rim diameter, the 36RD gives 25mm to 30mm road tires a voluminous shape, increasing traction while affording lower (and more comfortable) pressures.

Pinnacle Hookless
for high-volume & low-pressure (less than 60 psi) tubeless tires

Designed around a tubeless, hookless rim profile, the Pinnacle uses a wide rim inner diameter (23.4mm) for a perfect traction-embracing lightbulbed tire profile, ideally for gravel and cyclocross tires between 32-40mm in width, as well as higher volume 28mm tubeless road tires.

Pinnacle CX
for tubular cyclocross tires 

The tubular 32mm radius rim bed to give perfect edge-to-edge tire gluing. The massive surface area gives enormous adhesion and peace of mind when PSIs are dwindling into the single digits on sloppy race courses, keeping tires from slipping off the rim while offering superb traction in terrible conditions.

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