Price List

Carbon Wheelsets

201836RDWS68033228981836mm Road Disc Wheelset

Disc Brake Specific Do-Everything Carbon Clincher Wheelset For Low-Volume High Pressure Tires

From: USD $1,650.00
2018PinWS680332289818Pinnacle Hookless Gravel Wheelset

700c Gravel – The fast lane to fire roads, for high volume low pressure tubeless tires.

From: USD $1,650.00
2017JocWS680332296717Jocassee 650b Carbon Wheelset

650b Gravel, Go faster and Farther into the Heart of Adventure.

From: USD $1,650.00
2018PinCXWS680332296991Pinnacle CX Tubular Wheelset

Race ready tubular CX Wheelset with 32mm rim bed radius.

From: USD $1,500.00
201644CWS68033229013544mm Carbon Clincher Wheelset

Every Day. Every Road. Great for climbing, descending, windy conditions, racing and training.

From: USD $1,600.00
201628CWS68033229670028mm Carbon Clincher Wheelset

When the road tilts up, every gram counts. Wide profile, textured brack track for confident descents.

From: USD $1,600.00
201660cWS68033229690860mm Carbon Clincher Wheelset

Slice through the wind. These wheels shine when the hammer goes down.

From: USD $1,650.00
201690cWS68033229689290mm Carbon Clincher Wheelset

Our most aero wheelset, built for when every second (and watt) count.

From: USD $1,700.00
2016C69WS68033229688560/90mm Carbon Clincher Wheelset

Ready for High Speed Racing Conditions

From: USD $1,675.00
201660cdWS68033229681660mm Road Disc Wheelset

Slice through the wind. These wheels shine when the hammer goes down.

From: USD $1,700.00
2016RLBWS680332296731Ridgeline Carbon Boost Wheelset

29’er or 27.5 Carbon MTB – Enduro strength & xc weight. Boost!

From: USD $1,650.00
2016RLWS680332296755Ridgeline Carbon Wheelset

29’er or 27.5 Carbon MTB – Enduro strength & xc weight

From: USD $1,650.00

Alloy Wheelsets

2016ADWS680332296809Altamont Disc Wheelset

Bomb proof aerodynamic wheelset. Snappy and responsive handling, perfect for fast rides on the road, gravel and cyclocross.

From: USD $700.00
2016ALDWS680332296793Altamont Lite Disc Wheelset

Bullet proof lightweight wheelset that sheds weight not strength – perfect for steep climbs on the road, dirt, and cyclocross course.

From: USD $700.00
2016BTDWS680332296779Black and Tan Alloy Tubular Disc Wheelset

Ultimate alloy cx wheelset, budget price, top tech.

From: USD $650.00
2016BTRWS680332297004Black and Tan Alloy Tubular Wheelset

Ultimate alloy cx wheelset, budget price, top tech.

From: USD $650.00
2017ACWS680332296861Altamont Ceramic Coated Clincher Wheelset

Bomb proof alloy wheelset for every day and every road. Ceramic coating provides disc brake stopping feel, carbon rim appearance, and extends the life of the rim.

From: USD $800.00
2017ALCWS680332296854Altamont Lite Ceramic Coated Clincher Wheelset

Shave weight, not performance. Ceramic coating provides disc brake stopping feel, carbon rim appearance, and extends the life of the rim.

From: USD $800.00
2016AWS680332296724Altamont Alloy Clincher Wheelset

Bomb proof alloy wheelset for every day and every road. Machined brake track, perfect for all riding conditions.

From: USD $650.00
2016ALWS680332296878Altamont Lite Alloy Clincher Wheelset

Shave weight, not strength. When every gram counts and the road tilts up, these bulletproof lightweight wheels are the answer.

From: USD $650.00
2016RWS680332296847Rouleur Alloy Clincher Wheelset

Hand Craftsmanship everyone can afford.

From: USD $450.00
2016KBWS680332296786Kanuga Alloy Boost Wheelset

More versatile than a Swiss Army Knife. 29’er or 27.5 Size. Boost!

From: USD $700.00
2016KWS680332296762Kanuga Alloy Wheelset

More versatile than a Swiss Army Knife. 29’er or 27.5 Size.

From: USD $700.00


Hat, Shirt & Bottles Bundle

Includes: Boyd hat, t-shirt and two water bottles.

USD $53.00 USD $43.00
BoydTSISealant Injector

Inject sealant with ease, with little to no waste of sealant. Dual threaded metal adapter fits Presta and Schrader valve core. Use valve core remover (sold separately) before injecting sealant.

USD $9.00
sm-rtad05Shimano Centerlock to 6-Bolt Rotor Adapter

Shimano’s Centerlock to 6-Bolt Disc Rotor Adapter is a pretty straightforward article. It slides onto the centerlock mount on your hubs, leaving an interface to mount a six-bolt rotor. Each kit only adapts one centerlock hub, so you’ll need two for an entire bike.

USD $15.00
Quest85FB85 Road and Quest Freehub Body

2017 and newer, 6 pawl, 10/11 speed

Order a replacement freehub body, or keep an extra one on hand so that you can swap between different cassette sizes or between Shimano, Campagnolo or XD drivers without any tools. This freehub body is only for 85 Road rim brake and Quest disc brake hubs. No tools required and no need to redish the wheel.

From: USD $65.00
2017QRPBoyd Cycling Skewers

Included with QR wheelsets, and available for purchase. Price is for the pair.
Weight 110g

USD $30.00
DECALSBoyd Cycling Wheel Decals

If you want to make your wheels have a little bit more pop to them, then these wheel decals are exactly the thing you will need.

All of our wheels come with the ghosted logos baked into the rims and under the clearcoat. These vinyl decals can be applied over top of those logos in 7 different color options. These are cut to fit over top of our current generation of carbon and alloy rims.

From: USD $25.00
DBWBAGDouble Wheelbag

Transport and protect your wheels in style. Easily carry your favorite wheelset without damaging them in the process. Durable construction with solid zippers and individual padded compartments for each wheel. Pockets to hold skewers and convertible backpack straps, making it easy to ride a bike while carrying an additional set of wheels. Fits up to two 29″ wheels with mountain bike tires inflated, so your favorite cyclocross, gravel and road wheels will fit with room to spare.

USD $60.00
GIFTCERTIFI4003Gift Certificate

Give the gift of speed. E-Gift certificates, for that special cyclist in your life to get exactly what they need and want.

From USD $1 to USD $ 2000
VNUTOffset Wingnut for ValvestemsUSD $5.00
OnyxBPOnyx Carbon Brake Pads

The Onyx Brake pad by Boyd Cycling is our newest and most advanced brake pad yet. It is good to use for any of our carbon wheels, clincher or tubular, and any model year. Choose between Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo brake pad inserts.

From: USD $25.00
QuestEndCapsQuest Disc Brake Hub Axle End Caps

Laser etched endcaps ready to convert your quest disc brake hubs to any of the current axle configurations.

From: USD $15.00
6boltendcapsSix Bolt Disc Brake Hub Axle Parts

These are the parts you need to convert your Boyd Cycling six bolt disc brake hubs between different axle configurations.

From: USD $15.00
BXPBrakePadsSwissstop BXP Brake Pads

Pricing is for a set of four pads, enough for your entire bicycle. Included with a new wheelset, these replacement pads are for our ceramic coated Altamont and Altamont Lite wheels.

From: USD $30.00
BoydTPTS8ozTickled Pink Tubeless Sealant

You’ll be Tickled Pink by instantly sealing most punctures!

Over two years in the making, after testing dozens of formulas and giving hundreds of bottles out to local riders, we are pleased to offer our new Tickled Pink tubeless Sealant. Made in-house using all-natural ingredients, this sealant is designed to seal punctures faster, last longer, and best of all it’s pink. . . and it smells like bubble gum! Eight ounces per bottle, enough to seal four road wheels, or two mountain bike wheels.

USD $9.00
TublessTapeTubeless Tape

Available in three widths: Carbon Road, Alloy Road, MTB & Jocassee

  • 22mm tape (18-19mm internal rim width)
  • 25mm tape (20-22mm internal rim width)
  • 28mm tape (24-26mm internal rim width)
From: USD $9.00
TubValveTubeless Valves

Price is for a pair of tubeless valves (with removable core) and includes the tubeless wingnut. Various lengths.

From: USD $14.00
BoydVCRValve Core Remover

We have developed an alloy valve core remover that works with both Presta and Schrader valve cores. This can be used to top off sealant in tubeless tires, make seating a new tubeless tire easier or to install valve core extenders. Best if all, it attaches to your key chain, so when you get upset about losing your keys you can also be upset about losing your valve core remover!

USD $9.00


201836RD-Rim36mm Road Disc RimFrom: USD $575.00
2016BT-RimBlack and Tan Tubular RimFrom: USD $105.00
2017J-RimJocassee 650b Carbon Gravel RimFrom: USD $575.00
201660TDRim60mm Tubular Disc RimFrom: USD $550.00
2018PinCX-RimPinnacle CX Tubular RimFrom: USD $575.00
2018Pin-RimPinnacle Hookless RimFrom: USD $575.00
201628CRim28mm Clincher RimFrom: USD $575.00
201644CRim44mm Clincher RimFrom: USD $575.00
28Tubrim28mm Tubular RimFrom: USD $325.00
201660CD-Rim60mm Clincher Disc Brake RimFrom: USD $600.00
201660CRim60mm Clincher RimFrom: USD $600.00
201690CRim90mm Clincher RimFrom: USD $625.00
2016ADRimAltamont Alloy Clincher Disc Brake RimFrom: USD $105.00
2016ArimAltamont Alloy Clincher RimFrom: USD $105.00
2017ACRimAltamont Ceramic Coated RimFrom: USD $165.00
2016ALDRimAltamont Lite Alloy Clincher Disc Brake RimFrom: USD $105.00
2016ALRimAltamont Lite Alloy Clincher RimFrom: USD $105.00
2017ALCRimAltamont Lite Ceramic Coated RimFrom: USD $165.00
2016KBR-1Kanuga Alloy RimFrom: USD $105.00
2016RLBR-RimRidgeline Carbon RimFrom: USD $575.00


85front85 Road Front HubFrom: USD $100.00
85rear85 Road Rear HubFrom: USD $175.00
QuestBoostFQuest Boost Disc Brake Front HubUSD $100.00
BoydQuestBRQuest Boost Disc Brake Rear HubFrom: USD $175.00
questfrontQuest Disc Brake Front HubFrom: USD $100.00
questrearQuest Disc Brake Rear HubFrom: USD $175.00