11 Speed

How to: Convert 10 speed freehub to 11 speed

Are you looking to convert your wheels to 11 speed? You have a few options if you're looking to convert your wheels to eleven speed. 

  • Trade in your current set of Boyd wheels and receive a special offer to use towards a new Boyd wheelset.
  • Refurbish your wheels with new spokes and the latest Boyd hubs, ask us for a custom quote.
  • Run a Shimano HG-800 11-34t cassette on a ten speed freehub body, as long as you have a medium cage rear derailleur.

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Due to availability we no longer offer 11 speed conversion kits. But, here is all you need to know to convert your Boyd Cycling wheels to use an 11 speed cassette. The process is very simple.

First of all, let's get into the 11 speed differences. There is an extra gear on the rear cassette (obviously), but to accomplish this the cassettes got wider by 2.8mm. With a Shimano 10 speed cassette there was a 1mm spacer that you needed to place behind the cassette. So, if you are running a Shimano 10 speed cassette on an 11 speed hub, you will need the 1mm spacer provided with the Shimano 10 speed cassette PLUS a 1.8mm spacer to make up for the added width of the 11 speed freehub body.

If you are running a Sram 10 speed cassette, there is no 1mm spacer needed behind the cassette. You will simply need the 1.8mm spacer on the 11 speed freehub body and the Sram cassette will go over top of that.

In both cases of Sram and Shimano, if you are using an 11 speed cassette on an 11 speed freehub body, the cassette will go on the freehub body with no spacers needed.

Upgrading your 2012 and before wheels to 11 speed:

Note that on the non-drive side of this hub there is just an end cap. There is no adjustment collar!

If you have wheels that use our older model rear hub (like what is shown in the above picture), then to upgrade to 11 speed you will just need a new freehub body. This can be swapped out using just two 5mm allen wrenches and the wheel will not need to be redished afterwards. The new freehub body will come with the 1.8mm spacer so if you are still running a 10 speed cassette then you will be able to use that cassette with the 11 speed freehub body.

Another way to tell. If your rear hub has a freehub body with 6 pawls (like pictured below), then you only need the freehub body.

If you try to use this freehub body on the hub that calls for a 4 pawl freehub, it WILL NOT work!!

Upgrading your 2013 and 2014 model wheels to 11 speed:

If you have wheels that use our 2013 and 2014 model hubs  (like what is shown in the picture above), then to upgrade to 11 speed you will need a conversion kit. The hub that needs a conversion kit has a 22mm cone wrench slot on the non-drive side. If you can fit a 22mm cone wrench on the non-drive side, then you must get a conversion kit to upgrade to 11 speed! The 6 pawl freehub body WILL NOT work in these hubs!

Another way to tell, if your 10 speed hub has four pawls, with a leaf spring under each pawl (like the above picture), then you need the conversion kit.

In order to optimize flange spacing for this newer hub configuration, we have different conversions for 10 or 11 speed. If you originally had a 10 speed to upgrade to 11 speed you will need this conversion kit. It consists of a freehub body, new axle, and end caps. After installing the conversion kit you WILL need to perform a very slight redish of the rear wheel afterwards. There are two options for the installation and redish.

You can install the conversion kit and redish the wheel yourself (or preferably through a local bike shop). We will ship you the conversion kit with everything you need to upgrade your 10 speed wheel to 11 speed.


We can perform the installation and redish for you at no charge. You will have to send your wheel to us (we will provide you with an RA number and instructions for sending in the wheel). There will be a $15 return shipping charge for wheels in the domestic USA. For International orders, it's going to be much more convenient to have the installation performed at a local bike shop.

Thank you to Josh Whitmore of the Globalbike Elite cycling team for shooting a video on how to perform the 11 speed conversion. Please note, if you have a wheel dishing tool that is the preferred method for ensuring your wheel is properly redished after converting to 11 speed.