Altamont Alloy Rear Wheel


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Altamont Alloy Rear Wheel
Altamont Alloy Rear Wheel
Altamont Alloy Rear Wheel
Altamont Alloy Rear Wheel

Like a cheeseburger and beer, hand crafted alloy Altamonts are always good. Our 30mm alloy wheel is deep enough to provide significant aero advantage, wide enough to properly seat 28mm tires and light enough to still be snappy and responsive. Welded and ground seams provides exceptional braking performance. Extra deep anodization hardens and strengthens the rim. The result is a wheelset perfect for training, racing or general performance riding.

This wheel is bomb-proof! When racing, weekend riding, group riding, you want something you can count on anywhere, at any time. You can use this wheelset every day and every road. Shoot, you can even use this wheelset on Gravel, as they make a perfect option for your Gravel Bike Build! Extremely light, and extremely fast!

Your bike needs a one and done wheel upgrade. You are on the fence about what you are buying, due to the uses. Your bike is your daily driver, your work all, you use it for everything. The strength of this wheel is what you really are getting with this upgrade. Go out and spend more time on every country, city, and mountain road you can find with the peace of mind the Altamont comes with!

Product Weight


What's Included

Quick Release Skewers (selected axle configuration), Rim Strips



Lacing Pattern

Three-Cross (32 hole), Two-Cross

Brake Type

Rim Material

Rear Spoke Count

85 Road Hub (24 hole), 85 Road Hub (28 hole), 85 Road Hub (32 hole)

Rear Axle

Quick Release

Rim Type

Wheel Size

External Width


Internal Width


Rim Depth


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